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TS3660 fence on a R4511?

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  • TS3660 fence on a R4511?

    For those of you who own or have owned a 3660 this first question is for you.

    1. How do you like fence that came with your saw?

    The reason I ask is that I was able to pick up the fence along with the rails for the 3660 at a great price....FREE! I am not one to pass up anything that is free that I could possibly use in the future (you should see my storage room). Anyway, I purchased a 4511 a few months ago and love it, the one thing I am not crazy about is the fence so I was thinking about swapping it out with the freebie. Which brings me to my next questions.

    2. Has anyone that you know of done this?
    3. If so what was the outcome?
    4. For those of you with the 4511 and past experience with the 3660 would you do this if you were in my shoes?

    Your feedback is appreciated.