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New miter saws on parade at HD's

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    Well I, for one, saw the similarities and the differences. I was not planning a review of them at the time, just looking to see what jumped out at me about the new Ridgid.

    There were no negatives that I could see. You haven't mentioned any either, other than the color. The significance of the color is a personal thing and if it's a deal-killer for you, so be it.


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      The Ridgid was as similar to the DeWalt as it was to the Ryobi. Since none of the components were the same. ie. from the same mold, or fabricated from the same drawing, then you could say they were similar. Similar in that that all had a table, fence, blade, handle, guard etc.,

      I'm not in any state of denial, and my eye for detail is exemplary (graphic design). The new Ridgid design may well have emmanated from the same Taiwanese factory as the design that bears the Ryobi sticker. But on the outside they did not use any common components.



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        KellyC, I spent 30 minutes in depot store the other day, checking out the old Ridgid, New Ridgid, and Ryobi saws. Like someone mentioned above, they are about as similar as they are to Dewalt or another saw.

        You mentioned the dust bag ports, they are about as different as you can get. The bags are the same color, as many bags are on miter saws.

        The fences sort of look the same, but so are the Dewalts as well.

        Honestly though, the New Ridgid looks basically like the old Ridgid except for color and the angle indicator on the base, which I think the new is much better as it looks to be laser etched instead of casted numbers directly on the base. The blade guards of the new and old Ridgid are identical.

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          Guess we will know how similar they are when the first tests come out, which should be real soon.
          I've been waiting for months for these tools to come out,so much back and forth on this forum about what to expect. So when I saw them on the shelve, I took a look.
          Guess everyone will just have to take a look for themselves, then we will know who has the eye for detail!
          Rob Johnson
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            After reading everyone's comments I went to HD to compare. My eyes must be bad too, because everything I compared on them looked different. The table is different, the frame is different, the motor housing/handle were different, fence casting is different, however they both have round knobs.
            I'm not saying they are better or worst but I think they deserve a chance. If we declare them junk before we cut a piece of wood with them what have we accomplished?
            Rev Ed


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              Went to HD today and took a look at the new miter saws. I could not see one thing in common between the two other than they both have 12" blades.

              The fence, degree marker, handle, motor case, and table hold downs were all different. I could not see one thing that was the same between the two saws. Kelly, I'm not sure what you saw, but you may want to count to ten or something, then look at the saws again.

              Didn't see new hand tools in there, but they seemed to be getting in a stock of some of the other stuff.


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                Checked out the Rigids and Ryobis, side by side, and they are nothing alike.
                Miter and angle adjustors...different
                Blade Guard...different
                Motor Housing...different
                The list goes on

                I wouldn't even say the same parent company built these saws if I didn't know differently.
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                  You all are both right. I have looked hard at the new 10"CMS at HD. There is one, I think 139.oo or 149.oo Rigid that is just like the 10" Ryobi. Then there are the 10" ones with the laser guide that sell for 199.oo and look awfully alot like the DeWalt. The 149.00 saw does not have the laser line and it does look cheap. I have a 10" ryobi and all it is good for is 90 degree cuts. I have had a hard time cutting true 45s and compound miters. So I am considering the 10 or 12 inch higher end model.

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