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4511 vibration

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  • 4511 vibration

    I just finished mounting my Biesmeyer fence on my 4511 and fired it up for the first time. It was shaking soo bad it almost knocked over my Makita driver, before I caught it!

    Any similar problems? Any adjustments that may need to be made? I have the whole rig mounted on a solid core 1.75" Birch venere comercial door with 6-2.5" casters to make it mobil and to provide extra storage.

    I had the same set up with an old craftsman cast iron with a much smaller motor. It had next to no vibration.

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    Re: 4511 vibration

    I think I would be inspecting the blade. Maybe one or more of the carbide teeth got knocked off.. or maybe the belt? Try it with another blade perhaps?


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      Re: 4511 vibration

      That could make a difference. I have the blade that came with the saw mounted on it right now. I turned it on and ran it for about 5 min. today. It seemed to be getting smoother the longer it ran. I did the 'nickel test' it was stable on the granite, but did some wobbeling on the extension table.


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        Re: 4511 vibration

        Also check the belt.
        When I first installed it, mine what one grove off top to bottom.
        In addition when I received my saw the pulleys were way out of alignment, about 1/4 inch.
        I never could the set screw loose on the bottom pulley.
        I had to tap the pulley into alignment with a hammer and a brass punch.


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          Re: 4511 vibration

          Mine ran smooth...but shook like a Hawaiian Hula dancer on shut down. I replaced the el-cheapo original belt with a Gates, (part number 300J6) and no more shake, rattle and roll.


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            Re: 4511 vibration

            Good to know! Thanks for the part number. I took a look at the belt/pully alignment. It looked like it was off about 1 groove. I couldn't get the tiny alan wrench loosened to adjust the motor pulley, so I just moved the belt over 1 ridge. No change.


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              Re: 4511 vibration

              When I assembled my R4511, I ran the motor before I attached the belt, result was smooth and quiet. The second test was with the belt but no blade, result was smooth. The third test was with the blade, the saw ran "Rock Solid"

              At what point does your saw begin to vibrate?


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                Re: 4511 vibration

                Can be any number of factors.. I just replaced the belt on mine with an aftermarket one and it's smooth as can be now. I'm wondering if I did not attach the factory belt a tooth off on the motor side. It's hard to judge WHERE the belt should lay just by touch and it IS possible to have it off a tooth.

                The belt against the motor should be almost flush with the back of the pulley.. IE as close to the motor side.

                When I get bored I'll take the belt off again and stick my head into the saw to see exactly how the motor side pulley is set up.. IE if it does indeed have more grooves for some adjustment, or if it's just real easy to have a tooth out of the pulley and not notice it.

                I had blamed the blade for the vibration at first, but running it with a WWII in place, or no blade at all and still having the vibration ruled it out and confirmed it was a belt issue... Soooo... Off to McMaster-Carr I was to pick up a new belt.
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                  Re: 4511 vibration

                  Try some things to see if you can isolate the source. Remove the blade and run the saw minus the blade, and/or swap the stock blade for you Ridgid Titanium blade. You can also remove the belt and run just the motor to see if its the motor shaft or further downstream.


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                    Re: 4511 vibration

                    Hey folks,

                    I too just installed the belt on my R4511. I cheated ahead a little and fired it up to see how it ran (no blade installed). It seems to run fairly smooth, maybe not perfect but I don't exactly know what to expect really. Is there any way to judge if it's smooth as it should be?

                    Also, on aligning the belt grooves and lands on each pulley: mine seem to be in the corresponding grooves on each pulley, but the belt overhangs each pulley by a very slight amount on whichever side you set it up on-you can take your pick it seems as long as you set it up the same on both pulleys. I'm talking a tiny amount here, barely visible. Is this normal?

                    Edit: instead of overhang it may be slightly shy of flush- I can't remember but in any event both sides of the belt cannot be 100% flush on both sides of the pulleys at the same time.

                    Another edit: I'm guessing this is the "nickel test" I read about here. I put a nickel up on edge on the table and started the saw, and the nickel stayed upright until
                    the "click" the motor makes right before it stops entirely-at that point the nickel wobbled over, but not decisively. I wouldn't call the shutdown phase after the click a real shudder or violent or anything. Now it may change when I install a blade and there is more rotating mass, I don't know.

                    Anyway, it's nothing I would find objectionable at this point.
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                      Re: 4511 vibration

                      The nickel test has some flaws...the edges of the nickel can vary a lot, so don't put too much stock into that test. It's not uncommon for a motor to shock a little on shut down...there's often an electrical interaction with the motor and the capacitors called regeneration. As long as it's smooth cutting wood, you're good to go.


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                        Re: 4511 vibration

                        After further inspection, there was a wide spot on the belt. I shaved it off and that helped a lot. Because I still wasn't happy with the way it was running I bought a new poly belt and mounted a ridgid Gold blade on it. It runns smooth as silk, now! But it still dose a jig at shutdown... Enough to knock over a nickel every time.


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                          Re: 4511 vibration

                          I just got my saw together and it's cool and all but I thought it would be smoother, more like a unisaw, hoping anyway.

                          Where's a good place to get a belt? I found a place where it was $7 but they wanted over $12 for shipping.


                          Or locally I would search for industrial supply?


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                            Re: 4511 vibration

                   is decent, but might end up around that same 19.00 shipped price.

                            I forget the exact size (its listed in a thread around here somewhere) might be able to talk to a NAPA, Carquest, etc auto place and give them the size and ask if they have one that fits.

                            EDIT: belt size is 300J6, which is a 30.5" outer diameter, J profile belt with 6 ribs
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                              Re: 4511 vibration

                              Originally posted by Tacman7 View Post

                              Where's a good place to get a belt?
                              I got mine from NAPA. It's not something that's regularly cataloged, so go to the most experienced counterman, and he can special order it from Gates. Took two days for me.

                              I'm sure the industrial supplier you mentioned could get it as well.