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    Any key tips for ripping narrow strips? I just couldn't get great 3/4" x 3/4" banding strip blanks this weekend. I know one of the problems was length of the cut, but I left my cutting diagram at work, and thought I could produce acceptable rips full length(80 some inches long). I had a lot of trouble with springing boards also. The material I got from the local Rockler store, Hard Rock Maple. The Ridgid blade would have sliced through with no problem had the boards not sprung open... Any thoughts or coments happily accepted. AH.

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    Andrew---first, on wood selection, while there are always surprises, try and stick with as straight a grain as possible, for narrow strips. Sometimes, I've come back, to find the stuff I cut the day before has a beautiful bow in it.

    As to cutting the strips, with 3/4" and smaller, you really need to cut with the 3/4" strip to the left of the blade----on the right, you risk binding/kickback and some people remove the guard/splitter because it won't go against the fence---making an unsafe cut even worse.

    I try to plan ahead, and cut my strips from a full sized board---for example, if I have a 5 1/2" wide board, and know I need a final width of 4", I trim off smaller pieces rather than one big cut.

    A method I use is to take the board---move the fence over until I have, lets say, 3/4" + on the left of the blade---lock the fence and install two of the small miter slot feather boards that snug up against the left side of the board. This way, after the first cut, I used the feather boards as a guide for my next fence move. It's not dead-on accurate, but I can smooth things with my planer.