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  • Thanks for the forum

    Like others of you, I read and post at other woodworking forums. After some of the goings on lately at another forum I am reminded as to how fortunate we are to have this forum. I want to thank all of you who have been around these parts longer than I have for keeping this a friendly, informative forum. This forum was the deciding factor in my purchase of the TS3612 last year. I read and read and read all the posts on the TS2424 and had made my mind up to buy it when word of the TS3612 came. I do not regret my purchase, I have received great advice here and my hat's off to both Ridgid for hosting the forum and to all my fellow woodworkers for making it a great place.

    I thank you one and all.
    My Shop

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    Alan, You are most certainly welcome!

    I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say, "It's our pleasure to help whom ever we can".

    Many good years to your relationship with your TS3612. I know I will have many with my 2424!

    And don't be shy, your voice is always welcome!
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      On behalf of the Ridgid web development team, thanks for the pat on the back. Of course a Forum like this is all about community, and it's you guys (and gals) that keep it going. Be assured that Josh and I will continue to support the Ridgid tool-using community in any way that we can, regardless of any changes at the corporate level.