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    Where is the best place to either 1) buy all of the cool jigs and templates/setups that make doing it right easier and more enjoyable; or 2)plans to make what I need? Are pre-mades any better than plans and sweat? Do I really need ALL of those jigs? Which ones are most important if I can't store them all? Sorry, I'm afraid I've rambled...

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    Don't know how you feel about New Yankee Workshop but Norm did two episodes on jigs. My local PBS station is about to air them the next two weeks on Saturday (their regular time slot for NYW). I saw at least one of these shows before. If that interests you, you can read more about it and/or order the plans here .
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      Hi: there are also some good books on jigs for Woodworkers. I have one "200 Original Shop Aids & Jigs for Woodworkers" by Rosario Capotosto that I have found helpful. It covers various jigs for an array of tools. It may pay to have a look at the Library to see what they have.


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        Ross has the right idea---raid the local library for a start---also, try to catch Norm's 2-parter on jigs. He has some good ideas on the old, reliable jigs.

        I've found that there's a certain amount of personal preference and experience involved in jigs. In the ww'ing mags' and book I have, about 3/4 of them either don't interest me---wouldn't need them or are so overly complicated as to be pain to build and a pain to use.


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          Shopnotes, Shopnotes! I usually build one jig from each issue and have found it to be very useful. As a novice, building the jigs has helped me pay attention to accuracy and precision . Small lessons I wouldn't have learned by bying them premade. Caution though, I find them addictive, sometimes they become the ends as opposed to the means.