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  • R4511 Extension Table- Why wouldn't this work

    Looking at adding an extension table on the right side of my saw for a router table... Lowes and Menards both have fake granite covered counter top sections approximatly 25" X 4' for $23.99. It is 3/4" thick with a rounded front edge on the one side and a back splash on the other side. Why couldn't I cut off the back splash side, trim the piece to fit the space between the rails and use it for the top material. The fake granite looks almost identical to the granite on the saw, it would have the rounded edge on the outside corner... I could brace the 3/4" to insure it wouldn't sag... at the price, it's got to be cheaper than buying the plywood and laminate seperately and I have the benefit of the rounded edge... has anyone tried this as a solution? Am I being goofy?

    This is not exactly the piece, but shows the back splash I'd have to cut off and the approximate color of the material. The pieces I am looking at have straight unfinished cuts on the two sides short sides...

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    Re: R4511 Extension Table- Why wouldn't this work

    Sure.. That's work.. But it's only particle board. I'd worry about how well the insert would route and if it would be stable. Glue and screw some 3/4 MDF to the bottom under where the plate would go and it should be fine.

    However, be sure that if you go this route that it does not have a drip edge.. 99% of the time, the rounded edge raises just a bit to keep water from spilling over the edge... Great on countertops, but when routing, will throw the piece off kilter if it's wide enough to interact with the edge.


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      Re: R4511 Extension Table- Why wouldn't this work

      If you still have the old saw that the 4511 replaced you could use that as an outfeed table. I took my old Craftsman saw, adjusted the height, and turned it around back to back to my 4511. Now I have a very stable outfeed table that doubles as another saw. That way I can keep a dado blade on the Craftsman and just crank it down below the table when not in use. Works great.


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        Re: R4511 Extension Table- Why wouldn't this work

        Dark Wolf- Good Point, I'll check it with a staight edge before purchasing and definately will reinforce it.

        Rocky- Great Idea- The R4511 is replacing a piece of crap Craftsman that went up in smoke several months ago... it had a very small table and was a lot shorter... probably wouldn't work for that purpose, but I really like the idea of a dedicated saw for dados...


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          Re: R4511 Extension Table- Why wouldn't this work

          If 24 1/4" is long enough for an extension table, this should work. The standard build up you would need is 5/8" material to make it flush with the front edge build up. I would think 5/8" MDF would do for that kind of span, but plywood would be better/stronger.

          They also have 4' tops at Home Depot for about $25. One is called Smokey Topaz and is in a dark color similar to the granite top. It has a double radius edge (not a raised no-drip edge) and they sell an iron on end cap to seal up the edges. You should need 27" between the rails.

          I think a 4x8 sheet of melamine is about $27 any you would have plenty of material to make an out feed table, too. Just edge band it with solid wood, or even ply for additional stability.

          I have pictures on my profile of what mine looks like. It's about 8 yrs old that I transfered from my old set up. I like the melamine as I can use it like a chalk board or a note pad with a pencil and it cleans right up.