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    I have searched around here some, but i need some help. I need to know how to shim the wheels of the band saw. I can not cut a straight line if i tried with this thing, and when i got to resaw, it just throws back a lot black crap at me. i have a tw blade on it, and carter tires and a link belt and was in the process of installing carter guides. Can someone please help me make this thing work?



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    Re: BS 14000 help

    Have you determined which one of the wheels needs to be shimmed?

    Right after I assembled my BS1400, the only thing I was able to do with it was make freehand cuts. If all I wanted was freehand cutting, I would have purchased a scroll saw instead.

    After I adjusted my bandsaw, I managed to make the blade ride on the crown of both tires, this helped to eliminate blade drift. I have been able to re-saw veneer 1/16" thick with a uniform thickness. I use this bandsaw to cut tenons, safe and accurate.

    I am now using carter blade guides. Before that, I was getting good results with cool-blocks.

    The last modification I made to my bandsaw (should have been the first) was to add a wooden platform between the metal stand and the bandsaw to stiffen the base and reduce vibration.