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Drawer corner joints

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  • Drawer corner joints

    OK, everyone, I've got a question. I'm looking to build a vanity for my bathroom, and I wanted a good joint to use for the front corners of the drawers I was planning on building. I don't have one of those expensive dovetailing jigs, and I'd like something a little stronger than a rabbet with glue and nails.

    What joints do you guys (& gals - if we have any female woodworkers here) use to build yours?
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    You could use a drawer lock joint that you cut with a router bit. You can also make a similar joint using a tablesaw and a dado set, but I don't have a good link for how to do that. Woodsmith uses the table saw method for making those pretty often, so you could probably find it in several of the back issues.


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      This site shows how to do the lock joint that Stuart suggested.

      Bob R


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        I would encourage you to attempt to cut your dovetails by hand. Take your time, make sure your marking is accurate, find some good library books/websites with good details on cutting them, and give it a try!

        Of course, I am quite the traditionalist, but hey. [img]smile.gif[/img]

        Also, I'd recommend this book. It might give you some hints about this sort of thing. It was a great resource for me.

        Good luck and God bless.


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          I agree, dovetailing by hand isn't as hard as it is time consuming, does take a bit of practice though. I'd recommend practicing on some scrap to get the hang of it. Marking is critical, I use a knife rather than a pencil, as is learning to not take off too much wood, it's a lot easier to trim to fit than starting over or shimming. Depending on your drawer style, you may need a false front to cover the exposed dovetails, some traditional styles leave them exposed.