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  • Ridgid Compound Miter Saw

    Just came home from HD. They had the Ridgid 12" CMS for $230. Can anyone fill me in on this saw? Is the price pretty good? I looked at the other 12" saws they had and they all seem to be at or near the $300 mark. Any comments would be appreciated.

    Thanks, Bernie

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    Last year about this time I paid $190 for the MS1060. Today, in several local area stores it is $160. It is no surprise the the 12" is dropped in price, since the sliding 12" has been released. It seams to have dominated the market.

    Current events with Ridgid and thier announcement...May or may not have a contributing factor. But since the first siting of the MS1290, it has not dropped in price. Neither has any of the other Ridgid WW tools lineup that I've noticed.

    I had the opertunity to sample the MS1250LS. Knowing I would be purchasing the RAS, and looking at the price difference in 10 and 12 inch blades, I opted for the 10" miter. If I had room, (and could afford) the MS1290 would proudly display. The 1250 is a dandy deal at that price, and a quality unit. It's start up torque will scare the squweemish.
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      I have the MS1250LS and could not be happier.
      I paid a bit more for mine, around $275.00 as I remember.
      It was set up perfect right out of the box.
      At that price, you could even re-sell it on E-bay and make some money!
      I have looked at the 1290, and it's quite a saw. A bit more than I need, but really nice.
      Rob Johnson

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        For $230, buy it. I paid $300 6 months ago. HD is getting rid of stock that claims lifetime warranty, hence the discount. What really makes it a good deal is that for $230 you get the base with it as well.


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          I have the 12" CMS and it is a great saw. However, lately I have noticed that it doesn't stop as quickly as it used to. Anyone else notice that?
          It is supposed to have an electric brake, possibly the brake has developed a problem. Any experiance with this out there?
          - Craig


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            If the blade brake appears not to be functioning correctly I would suggest you check the Troubleshooting Guide in the back of the Owners Manual. It list several things that you can easily check. Thanks!


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              My shop is up in the mountains and so is the manual, but I downloaded and checked the online manual. I know the blade is tight, maybe it is the brushes. I will check them out next weekend. Thanks for the tip!

              - Craig

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              - Craig


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                I dont have any experience with the Rigid CMS, My TS is a 3612 but most my tools are Portor Cable.
                Anyhow I bought the Portor Cable 3802 a few months ago and have been real happy with it, in fact been real happy with just about anything PC.
                This saw is usually one of those $300-plus models you speak of but I got it here
                reconditioned for $229. Tylertool ships any purchase $99 or more free. All PC's recondition tools have the same warranty as new and are usually just a show demo just like new.
                Most of my PC tools are recon's but have been top notch,it seems to me that PC has a high standard as to what it puts out as a recon. The 3802 has a heavy wide table and easly mounts to saw horses if it needs to leave the shop. 15amp, blade brake and has the measurement scale carved into the base rather than painted on (painted scales wear off).I think they have the model with the lazer light kerf indicator for a few more dollars if thats a big thing....I opted for saving the money.
                I Have a small shop so I built my own compact stand that has 3ft wings that flip up and fold away on each side. Anyways...I like it, you might check it out.


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                  the brake for the blade is usually thourgh the feild to the switch and the problem is usually the switch.