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  • Hobbies besides woodworking.....

    I'm just curious what other hobbies some of you have besides woodworking. I'll start off:

    I like to race R/C cars and I have a 1979 Mustang Cobra thats going through a complete teardown.


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    I raced motocross up until my son was born last year, I'm 38, was getting a little too old for that!


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      My Turn. I like shooting video and still photo's. Wildlife mostly. I live in Hampton VA. and believe it or not I have some great video of deer eating apples form my trees, I also like gardening you know corn, beans and the like, But I dont take the time or effort any more. mainly because of the deer. So now all the get are my apples. But my most enjoyable hobby is spending time wife my wonderful wife.
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        I two have other hobbies. I'm the gen mgr of a semi-pro soccer team as well as coaching youth for the last twenty years. I love my kids most of which are teen-agers ( my team). /but most of all I enjoy spending time with my wife, son and future daughter-in-law. Easier to spend time with wife though my son is in the US Navy. I guess since I'm still very much a novice at woodworking I have more time for soccer right now. But!!!!!!!!! I do enjoy what little woodworking I get to do.


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          Well... I'm not a woodworker to start of but I'll sound off anyways. I am into all types of sports, especially basketball, football, softball, and lifting. I love fishing for Walleye and Perch on Lake Erie. And I enjoy shooting my guns at the range.



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            I guess we can talk shop about R/C cars sometime. I race (or have just started) racing R/C cars. I also fly R/C planes on occassion. Like to play guitar and tinker with computers as well. Too many hobbies...not enought time...or MONEY!!!

            Brad Hatchett<br />


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              In the summer time (or what passes for summer in New England), my wife and I sail around in a 40' sloop. On "Winter Schedule," I spend some time (far less than I used to) engaged in competitive pistol shooting and pistol instruction. My other "hobby" is sitting out a New England blizzard, on a glassed-in porch, with a cup of hot tea, reading a book and absolutely nothing that I "have to" do (at least until the power goes out and someone has to go out and start the generator).


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                I have been in the Model T Ford hobby for over 26 years and I do all of the work my self. I currently have a 1911 Touring Car and a 1915 Fire truck and recently sold my 1923 Touring. All of these cars have been in 4 different made for TV movies.

                FYI: The Ford Model T bodies are wood framed with sheet metal attached. Also the top bows for the Roadsters and Touring cars are of steam bent wood. The wheel spokes are hickory or oak, the the floorboards are wood.

                I just recently gotten back to the woodworking hobby, which is something I've been wanting to do since my high school days. But come to think about it, I could say with the Model T's I have been in the woodworking hobby and did not realize it.



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                  Associacted RC-10L, Tamiya F1 and 1965 ford mustang coupe. Small World


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                    How about 9 kids, 10 grandkids, huntin', fishin',Ridin' my ATV or Touring bike, buildin' PC's, grillin' or smokin' on the pit, and restoring the occasional car or truck. Current projects are 52 willys Wagon-4-wheel drive with 8,000 lb winch and a 53 Belaire.
                    Sure could use some time in the shop!


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                      Better late than never....took my first Looong vacation and am now spending all of my time playing catch up.

                      Anyway, besides woodworking I raise orchids and teach counseling psychology at a nearby college (I enjoy it to much to do as a vocation).
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                        I like to build model boats and race them. I thought that was expensive. I also do black and white photography.
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                          Well there's hockey, our Akitas, hockey, computer games (historical war recreations, especially WW II.), hockey, bow hunting (although I haven't been for a couple years), hockey, Japanese language and writing (just a beginer), hockey, Iaido (beginer here too), oh...and then there's hockey.

                          GO SCORPS!
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                            Nothing can compare to the peace and serenity of sitting on Lake Michigan drowning bait.


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                              I guess I'm what you would call a trout bum...huge into fly fishing, tie my own flies and what not. Also a digital graphics/design and photography artist when I get a chance (I guess that makes me a closet computer geek). Jake, do you guys hire freelancers? Also into, hiking, camping, road and mountain biking, archery, kayaking, golf and, oh, did I mention WOODWORKING!
                              - Tim