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    I've read where several folks here and on other forums have gone to "woodworking shows." I've been to gun shows, truck shows, rattlesnake roundups, cowboy poetry gatherings, livestock auctions, estate sales, and barbeque cookoffs, but this is the first I've heard of woodworking shows. Is there any place on the internet where I can see when these shows are scheduled and where they are held?
    De Colores,
    Boerne, TX

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    Andy B.


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      Hmmm... Well, it looks like the closest one is in Houston, the end of the month. That's 275 miles one way. Oh well, maybe someday they'll have one closer.

      Thanksfor the reply, Andy.
      De Colores,
      Boerne, TX


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        Apparently there is a show this weekend in Tampa. I've never been to a WW show either, so I'll let you know what my first impressions are/were.

        I've heard there are really good deals on tools at the show, is there anything that usually stands out as a show only specail?



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          I just got back from the Tampa show it cost me $300. Bought a new Dewalt DW618PK Router for $184 which is $60 under the best price I ever saw and they threw in a $30 edge guide. I also bought a set of brass template guide rings and 30 piece set of router bits.

          Spent about 6 hours walking around touching and trying everything. They had some great demonstations and I figure unrestrained I could have spent thousands. Happily my wallet restrained me.

          All in all a great day [img]smile.gif[/img]
          Rev Ed


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            I was a little more lucky, I got out for just under $275. New Dewalt Biscuit Joiner for $124, and a WWII Blade for my TS3612, and some assorted clamps etc. I have read how amazing these blades are, but until I saw the demo and felt the edge left on a piece of cut scrap..... Amazing! Can't wait for next years show, as I should be in my house in three weeks and have a three car garage (well two cars, my Fiancee get's one!



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              Yep, deals

              Systamatic 80-tooth rip $50 (reg over 100)
              CMT dado $170
              Jet drill press


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                The above post sent out a little quickly?

                These are the deals I got in Feb at 'the woodworking show' It was worth the $8 admission and they have coupons for free spouse admission on their website.

                Systematic 80-tooth rip $50 (reg over 100)
                CMT dado $170 (reg over 200)
                Jet prill press with mobile base $350 (reg over 500)
                Plus a few small things that I didn't have to pay shipping and handeling on.


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                  I'm new to WW'ing and had assumed that a true rip blade would be between 24T - 30T. A combo would run 40T - 60T. And that a fine crosscut finishing blade 80T>.

                  You use an 80T Systimatic for ripping...what gives?



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                    I'm willing to bet once you get going, the wifes car WILL spend nights outside on occasion. Woodworking is an addiction, and time flys. When it's past bed time, and the whole garage is still in use, and she's yellin at you to come in an go to bed, it WILL stay out for the night.
                    Take my word on that!
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