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Childs Wooden Wagon Plan

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  • Childs Wooden Wagon Plan

    I build childrens wooden wagons but I was trying to find a website where other people make and sell wooden wagons. So far I haven't had any luck.Does anybody know of any? They are like the Radio Flyer but made of wood....Donny

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    Norm made one on The New Yankee Workshop and plans are available on his site as well as the video. Its project #403. TNW doesn't sell any of its projects though, just the plans and videos.
    Go to The New Yankee Workshop
    - Tim


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      Tim, I took a look at the wagon and I hope the real thing is alot better than the picture.In my opinion it looks cheap.. When I get done with mine it's made to last and to pass down to their kids.Most of the time no two are alike. I customize each one. The handle on mine is what everyone really like.It's my on creation........Donny