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TS3612 Fence not square

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  • TS3612 Fence not square

    I just put together my TS3612. The fence is parallel to the miter guage slot at the miter guage slot. But when I move the fence out to the 36" mark the back part of the fence is 1/8" out compared to the front part of the fence. How should I go about fixing this problem? I hope you can understand what I am trying to say.

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    Something out on the front surface of the wing is out of whack. The parallelity of the fence requires the fence rail to be dead straight.

    (please assume for the purposes of this post, that "parallelity" is a word)


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      No need to reply to this one. I fixed the problem. It turns out the table extension on the right side was not square. I had to shim the front rail away from the table extension. I am not happy about it not being square but I am certainly not going to tear it back down to get another one. I figure as long as the fence is square with the blade I am alright, right? I wonder if Ridgid would throw in something for my troubles.


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        The wing is common and known problem with not being square. A phone call to Ridgid will get you a replacement at no cost. You will not have to return the bad wing.
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