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  • Detail Sander??

    We need a new detail sander, and the one we use is okay (Craftsman) but would love suggestions on other brands that people like!

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    Re: Detail Sander??

    I use the Harbor Freight one for $29.99 (on sale) and I am very happy with it.

    A friend of mine also bought and he also is very happy with it.


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      Re: Detail Sander??

      I think one of the best bargains out there is the Ryobi Corner Cat. I've owned one since 2003 and I've used it a lot and it is probably one of my favorite sanders and it does a great job. I've also managed to knock it off the bench a few times, fell off the ladder, etc. Other than a few scrapes on the soft coating the thing just "keeps on ticking".

      It's $30 at Home Depot, takes both the Norton sanding papers and those designed for the Black and Decker. I like the Norton as the nose piece is triangular and perforated so when you wear the tip, you can just pull off the velcroed piece and rotate it for a fresher tip.

      The CornerCat has a two-year warranty and a 30-day Satisfaction guarantee.

      I hope this helps,