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Bandsaw won't cut metal?

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  • Bandsaw won't cut metal?

    Why can't I cut metal with my BS14001 bandsaw?

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    There are plenty of posts on the subject. Just do a search.


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      Not designed to cut metal.

      Metal bandsaw's have a MUCH slower moving blade. I would do a search as well will answer some of your questions.



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        I aploogize. I did a search using the terms:


        and only got a few hits, none mentioning anything about cutting metal. Thanks for the explanation.


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          You have absolutely nothing to apologize for. Any and all questions are welcomed here and someone will have an answer for sure. The "Search" feature on this forum is a good thing to use but to be honest it's by far the worst feature here as far as useability goes. Whats the point in having to search a plumbing or heating catagory for a woodworking subject? Anyway, keep asking, welcome to the group and your comments are always welcome.
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            If anyone knows of a source for the speed reducing kit for the Craftsman 12" BS model 113.243310 (that's the band saw model), I'd be interested in picking one up. This kit reduces the blade speed to 175 FPM and allows use of metal cutting blades on this saw. I don't see why one could not do the same with the Ridgid BS, but haven't looked close at the motor and drive belt setup. Basically all you need to do is add an intermedary shaft with a couple properly sized pulleys and a new set of belts (you'll need two belts now, one from the motor to the jack shaft input and one from the jack shaft output to the band saw driven wheel. Each end of the jack shaft would have a couple stepped pulleys on it to change speed, sorta the same setup on a Drill Press for speed changes. With the jack shaft input and output using the same size pulley, there would be no speed change and you have your original BS speed for cutting wood. Set the pulleys up for reduced speed and you are good to go for cutting metal. You would need to do some calculations to find the correct pulley diameters to get a proper metal cutting speed based on motor RPM, all four pulley sizes, and the diameter of the driven wheel of the band saw that the blade rides on. At least that how I see it, anyone else done a mod liek this to their BS?


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              Something I've wanted to do is go to Sears or Orchard Supply and get a couple of multiple diameter V-belt pulleys (measure the shaft size on the motor & drive wheel). Install them in opposite directions. Depending on what combination you use, you will change the speed of the saw blade (like a Ridgid drill press) Don't know how great the torque will be or if I would need to make spacers. Would also expect I would need to buy blades with finer teeth and made from better material. Would definately need a wax for the blade. I'll try this after I move next month.


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                I've used my bandsaw to cut Aluminum.
                I needed to cut the framing strips for a storm door, so I used a general purpose cutting blade, and it cut through the aluminum stripping as fast as I could push it. Of course the blade is trashed, but it would have taken me a week to cut all that with a hacksaw or sawzall, and I got a real straight clean cut. Don't know about hard metals... the blade probably wouldn't cut anything denser than aluminum.
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