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    Has anyone made a mobile base for the Jointer/Planer or is there one available? My basement is cramped so I need to be able to move things out of the way. Would appreciate any suggestions or pics.

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    yes, I did. have plans drawn up to email to whom ever is interested in building it.
    I'll look up the post I did few months ago and edit this message for a link to that post that has some photo's. (at work now getting ready to head to a meeting)

    (Edit) Clilck Here to view the post with photo's. Email me and I'll send you plans if you wish.

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      Originally posted by UO_Woody:
      yes, I did.
      Wow, that's really something.

      The local HD carries Ridgid locking caster wheels. They slipped right in and I'm mobile too Once locked it's steady and stable, though John's is obviously more so. But, I'm very happy with them.


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        Thanks for the replies. I found out last night that Rockler has a store near me and they have a kit to make a stand. Has parts similar with the DeWalt stand (cam actuated device to raise one wheel. So a trip there this morning got me one. It was $38.00 so fit within my budget.

        Thanks again for the input.