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Table Saw Fence and Accurate Square

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  • Table Saw Fence and Accurate Square

    I have a TS24241 and I wanted to know if anyone has ever put the Delta T2 or an Accusquare fence assembled to the saw.

    Also, thinking about investing in a Starrett combination square. Everyone swears by these squares and say that this is the only one you would ever buy. Which is the most preferred? The 4", 6", or 12" square? Kind of pricey but may be worth the investment.

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    Re: Table Saw Fence and Accurate Square


    You could go that route if your pockets are deep enough and you don't mind spending that kind of money. Personally, a good drafting square like you would find in an office or art supply store would probably the purpose as well and at a fraction of the price.

    I prefer the 30-60- triangles over the 45-degree style. Drafting triangles are usually very accurate.

    Probably least accurate of anything is the framing square. I have one (a Stanley steel square), but I have to tell you that I probably went through a couple of dozen in order to find one. The "Empire" brand squares found at Home Depot are sort of a joke. I went through every one my local store had and out of more than a dozen, I couldn't find one that was less than a 1/16" off over the longest leg.

    I've attached a quick sketch as to how to check a framing square (or any square) for accuracy. Just make sure the surface you use isn't bowed, warped, etc. Actually the steel beams used in HD's shelving and display supports are pretty flat.

    I hope this helps,

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