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    I just bought a new RAS, I found in HD a paper listing available accessories for it. One thing peaked my interest but I can't find an info, that is the AC2050 Carriage return. There is no info on the website about this.
    Also, how does the AC1099 Dust Collector work? is it worth the $35.00?
    Is there any plans to make a "control cut" accessory (a geared motor with a cable attached to carriage to limit the speed the cariage moves), I know that some older Sears saw's and some Ryobi's had this.

    Thanks, Ken

    [ 09-13-2002, 01:29 PM: Message edited by: Ken Deckelman ]

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    You can find info on the AC1099 by going to "HOME" the "PRODUCTS" and enter the part number. I don't have this product, but I have the Sears kit which appears to be the same thing (at least they both contain the same items). I have a Delta RAS and it has helped capture the dust that shoots off the back of the blade while doing cross cuts. I don't use my RAS for ripping, so I can't comment on how effective it is for that function.

    As for the cable to regulate the speed of the cuts, I wouldn't want that on my RAS. As long as you use a negative hook blade, you shouldn't have any trouble controlling the cut speed.

    Bob R


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      The carriage return is supplied for shops that fall under OSHA regulations.