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  • AF2000

    Does anyone have any experience with/opinions on the Ridgid AF2000 ? Would be for use in a basement shop, size approx 20 by 30 or so.
    Will this be of much use in keeping dust DOWNstairs ? A worthwhile investment ? Any comments you may have on this unit would be greatly appreciated.

    Mr Deuker... Will this unit continue to be made ?

    [ 07-21-2003, 01:40 PM: Message edited by: douggage ]

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    This is a good air filtration system if used as designed. It was designed to be used by remodelers and to be positioned next to miter saws, sanders, routers, etc. Trying to catch the fine dust right by the tool and preventing it from circulating throughout the rest of the house. It was also designed to be used in small shops. Depending on the height of your shop ceiling a 10x20 shop may be too large for this unit. Of course two units could be used if desired. To be 100% honest with you the sales on this item have been slipping and while it's not been officially dropped its future doesn't look that bright. Thanks!


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      I said 10x20 shop, I meant 20x30 shop. Sorry.


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        Another suggestion if you are going the air filtration route is the Jet AFS1000B (make sure to get the "B"). I am very happy with mine and it is at a good price point.

        That said probably the right way to keep dust in its place is with a good dust collection on all your tools. Any air filtration unit takes a lot of time to circulate air through itself in order to clean the air. Thus, it doesn't really clean the air until after you leave the shop (it will keep running for a while on a timer).

        I don't have room for a DC and the residual dust from wood working made me cough just walking through the shop area days later. So the difference with my air filtration is night and day. However, since the air filtration takes time, I still have to wear a mask when making sawdust.