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    I just purchased a book from Borders Books, titled, "The Complete Table Saw Book." It is copyrighted 2003, so it is new. I am just getting serious about wood working having recently purchased a TS3650. The book is great, to me at least. It has answered many of my questions. The maintenance section is great and better than the saw manual. Does anyone have any recommendations for other wood working books?

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    There's a gazillion of them out there. 2 well respected tablesaw books are Kelly Mehler's " tablesaw magic " and Mark Duginske's " mastering woodworking tools " which is all about tuning every piece of machinery in your shop RAS, TS, Drill Press, yada yada yada.

    I started purchasing books from amazon but you'll find plenty at library which is where I'm going now. Mine also has bunch of old magazines. My best suggestion is if you're new, get 2 magazine subscriptions and pick up books that interest you as your skills grow. My next book is going to be on joinery.



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      Jake hit the best 2 IMO on the ts but there's are zillions. Hit the library-reserve if need be, try book stores....ALL before spending a lot of $$ on books sight unseen. For every good one out there- I hate to say it-there are 40 lousy ones that you'll read once and it's shelved for good.
      Ask me why I know this
      I am packrat - have physically "created" a wall 16' long, 4 shelves high, 13" deep and I am 80-85% full. Out of this "concoction of paper" I have isolated an area on right that I keep what I use/reference most often. The rest handy and nice to have but........rare they get opened by anyone let alone me.
      My 2003 Resolution was to see before I bought and bet that I spent less than $600 on stuff last year vs 3 times that in years past. Problem is magazines-you want one item out of the whole thing every other month it seems. But still cheaper to subscribe than buy 1 at time. Plus who knows-may miss the one real gem they do hidden on page 99 in lower right corner beneath 12 ads in condensed print at that


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        Kelley Mehler has a great book on the table saw, The Table Saw Book, 2nd. ed., and a video (or DVD), Mastering Your Table Saw. There are many other good books on the table saw, but I like Mehler emphasis on safety. The book and video can be purchased at for $19.95 each, although you might find them cheaper somewhere else. If you can find a first edition to this book, it would be significantly cheaper. There are some differences (one is that the TS2424 is on the cover of the 2nd.), but the basic info is the same. I have a large number of woodworking videos. In fact, my wife complains that I spend more time watching vidoes (and Norm, Roy Underhill, Router Workshop, and David Marks) than I spend making stuff. Kelley Mehler's video on Making a Shaker Table is the best general woodworking video of the lot. He takes you slowly and completely through the entire process from milling to preparing to finish, and doesn't leave out the details.