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  • porter cable band saw

    just saw a porter cable bandsaw at lowes but can't seem to find any reviews online. in fact it's like it doesn't exist. If I hadn't seen it I would think someone was puling my leg. anybody heard anything about this saw.

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    Re: porter cable band saw

    Since Porter Cable, Delta, and DeWalt all got absorbed into the Black and Decker family, there have been some cheaper products issued under those brand names. The bandsaw may very well be a cheap version of what was formerly a Delta commodity. I would hesitate to buy the Porter Cable bandsaw until I saw some reviews by people (maybe with some of the woodworking magazines) who actually test the machine and publish the results.
    Joe Spear


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      Re: porter cable band saw

      try this


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        Re: porter cable band saw

        I went to Lowe's and took a look at the Porter Cable saw.

        The upper blade guides and bearing are identical to the BS1400, but the bottom did not have the fine adjustments that the knurled screws on the BS1400 and the top side on the Porter cable allow. Getting the lower blade guide set up right around a 1/8" blade would be really difficult. Unless this was a screwed up assembly job by the Lowe's employee, this is a pretty huge negative...

        The tires are transparent with a yellow tint. Urethane? The tires that came with my BS1400 were rubber and had lumps that caused vibration. The PC tires are probably quite a bit better.

        The motor is hard mounted to the lower half of the saw such that the belt and pulleys can be seen when opening the lower door. This looked quite a bit like the way that Jet powers their band saws.

        At first I really liked the enclosed base. It looked polished and made me a bit envious when I thought of my open frame base. Then I noticed that the base was only 14(?) inches wide. The width of the open frame base of the BS1400 might be a bit more stable. Now I'm not sure which I'd rather have. Maybe the smaller base isn't a stability issue at all and would be better since it wouldn't take up as much space.. Idunno.

        The table is a bit larger than that of my BS1400. It's also very smooth unlike my table which has rough machining marks in a couple of rows on it's face. I gripe about the marks on my table mostly because of their ugliness. The table is still extremely flat. This PS table is just bigger and smoother.

        Over all, If that bottom blade guide and thrust bearing are really supposed to be similar to the top, I'd grab it in a heartbeat.