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  • Best fence for 1400

    Anyone know the best fence set up for the BS1400 and where to purchase it. I have seen several for around $80 but would rather have input from people on this board. Thanks!

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    I bought the Jet from and it fits with no mods for the BS1400(grey one). I do know if the orange one has the same mounting holes in the top. It is well made and includes all the hardware.
    Sears has a cheaper one that is a universal fit.


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      Have you looked at This One?
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        That is exactly the one that I had seen and seemed to be the one to get. I have been following your ordeal with the BS1400 and I must say that because of it I have not taken mine (Orange not Gray) out of the box yet. Still trying to decide whether to keep it or not. Been considering the Grizzly GO555. Got a good price on the BS1400 but got to add fence, miter, and riser (if I can find one) and it will still have 3/4 hp instead of 1hp. I don't have any experience with bandsaws or Ridgid so have to rely on others input. Bought planer, jointer, TS 2400 and BS 1400. The BS seems to be the only worry. Thanks for any advice you can give.


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          Do what you like with bandsaw, but I had saw with no mitre for long time, til I got Table saw. Now my tablesaw mitre works on my bandsaw too. Does help quite a bit with angled cuts. Delta bandsaws have standard t style mitre slots. I don't know if ridgid B/S has the same mitre slot or not.



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            The fasttrak is what I ordered the other day but haven't received yet. I purchased mine from and it was $5.00 cheaper. I called the manufacturer of fasttrak to make sure it would fit the Ridgid 1400. The person I spoke with was Mark Duginske, author of many bandsaw books. He said this was a great fit for the ridgid bs1400. He also said any thing listed out there for a 14 inch Jet would work for the Ridgid. Can't wait to get mine installed. Will post a reply when I test it out. The web for fasttrak is


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              I just saw on the woodcraft website that they are having a sale on the fasttrack fence for $69.99, it looks like it may be on back order but you can still get it for that price.



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                I have had the FastTrack fence for almost a year. I love the fence so much that I frequently do ripping on the BS1400 rather than the TS. Once you adjust for blade drift, you can rip off paper thin slices.

                Good Luck,

                Mike Narges