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Plunge routing problems

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  • Plunge routing problems

    I have the Ridgid router kit R2900 and have a lot of problems using the plunge base. The plunge base will not plunge straight down, I think from a poor fit of the sleeve bearings and/or a lack of stiffnes in the assembly. It is impossible to use an inlay set since the bit moves of center as I plunge changing the offset of the bushing. Anyone else have this problem or do I have a defective router base?

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    Re: Plunge routing problems


    Welcome to the Ridgid forum!

    I'm going to guess that you have a defective base. I also have the 2900 and have not had any problems with the plunge base and the motor appears to fit well.... but I'm not, or at least have yet to use it for something as precise as inlay work.

    I have not read any other post regarding the problem as you describe and there has been no mention sloppiness or alignment concerns in the couple of magazine reviews that I have read.

    If you are within the warranty periods (90-day exchange or 3-year warranty, of you have registered for the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement) I would not hesitate to send or take it in for service.



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      Re: Plunge routing problems

      I'd be curious to see that. Please PM me your contact information so we can dig a little deeper into the issue. Thanks.