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  • Ridgid wet/dry vac bags...filter or no filter ?

    I just purchased a Ridgid WD 40700 portable wet/dry vac. I also purchased Ridigid VF3501 fine particle dust bags...
    I like the fact that my vacs interior remains clean and I dont have the hassle of cleaning the pleated cartrige filter. However, when using bags should I or should I not leave the filter in place ?, am I asking for trouble if I run with the bags only ?, or am I just loosing suction power by running both simultaneously ?

    ...could not find any info on this subjetct in the papers provided with the vac or the bags.

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    Re: Ridgid wet/dry vac bags...filter or no filter ?

    I can't speak to that particular vac but I've been running drywall bags and a HEPA filter in my 8 gal Shop Vac for years. Suction or lack of suction has never been an issue. My primary use for that vac is to collect sawdust from my ROS's, belt/disc sander and occasionally my biscuit joiner. By using both the bag and the filter, my vac pretty much captures all of the fine sawdust created by those tools.
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      Re: Ridgid wet/dry vac bags...filter or no filter ?

      + 1 to what the Badger said. I have the ridgid high-wheeled 16 gal. and use the fine filter with the bag. The bag keeps dust from flying all over the place and the filter NEVER needs cleaning. Power is not an issue whatsoever.

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        Re: Ridgid wet/dry vac bags...filter or no filter ?

        Please do not use your vac without the filter in place. If the bag were to bust open you would suck up dust/dirt into the fan and motor. This would require a fast shut off and repairs. You would also end up blasting dust all over the place. The bags are to act as a collector and first stage filter. The pleated media filter acts as a secondary filter and to prevent &^%$# in case the bag ruptures.

        If you are picking up very fine dust such as plaster / drywall, you would do well to upgrade to a HEPA filter used along with the collection bags.