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    My bs 1400 had a bad v bealt pulley.Replaced it with a machined version that was 1/2" bigger and problem was salved.Now I'm spinning my blade faster as well. [img]smile.gif[/img]


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      My problem with this saw is mostly poor design and and also poor quality control. Poor design because the base, although feeling sturdy during assembly, doesn't properly support the saw. The stiffeners do not provide adequate support and if properly designed it could work well without adding any cost in material. A little bit of design time would have gone a long way to improve this saw.

      Poor quality control because this would catch the wheel imbalance problems. They probably need to check a larger sampling, like 1:10 instead of 1:100. However, this adds cost to the saw.

      I understand that replacing the blade is expected. I have no problem with that. I chose to replace the belts and tires and did not need to.

      I do believe my problems are behind me with this saw. We will see how it holds up now. There doesn't seem to be any parts that will fail in the near future. We will see how the motor and switch holds up.

      We obviously get what we pay for. My expectations were higher because of some best buy type reviews I have read about the grey Ridgid bandsaws. The orange one doesn't live up to its reputation and will probably not receive as good reviews.


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        Have these issues with this saw been resolved? I'm a bit concerned here. I want the ridgid because of price and the fact that I've purchased thier table saw and jointer and am pleased. However, if they are still having these issues, then I'd be more likely to go with the griz.

        Biggest concern with all this is that I don't know squat about bandsaws, thus I don't know how to identify defects in them. I simply would not know what to look for or how to fix them.


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          if you are in the market for a bandsaw and feel you don't have enough knowledge about the tool to make an informed purchase then get out there and learn all you can about the various tool makes. Even though you may not be interested in purchasing from a particular store or not interested in some brands, use every chance you get to familarize yourself with the features of their model bandsaws. Open the doors and look at how the saw is assembled, the fit and finish of the pieces and parts, etc. Try out all the adjustments and become aquainted with their use. Flip through the oowners manual if there is one available or ask a salesperson if they have a copy you can read there in the store. Then when you go to look at what you think is 'the one', the bandsaw you are willing to plunk your hard earned dollars down for, you will have a better sense of what else is out there are how it performs. Also take advantage of tool demos at places such as Woodcraft if you have one close by. Play with the display models in HD, Lowes, Sears, etc like you were a kid the week before Christmas drooling over the latest whiz-bang gadget that you just gotta have. Read all the reviews and aads on the woodworking Mags and check out their web sites too.

          If you have a buddy with a bandsaw stop by and ask him to show you his saw inside and out.

          In a short while you will have enough exposure to the various makes to know what designs work and which are crap.

          THEN you pull out your wallet and make your purchase.


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            Re: More BS1400 dissapointments

            Hello there.

            I bought a Ridgid BS1400 or it might be the 1402 a couple of years ago and never used it heavily till now since we had a large order for xmas ornaments cut from old lightweight cedar fence pickets. only adjustments I made is a riser block from Grizzly, the orange tires from Rockler which seem to have a little hump at the seams and Olson Cool blocks. The saw when turned on and looking at the wheels seems real wobbly and kind of noisy, the wheels do not look concentric, they both seem wobbly and the whole saw rocks when cutting. We have been using the Timberwolf 1/8 inch 105" long blades and so far we have broken 6 of them in two weeks and one Olson All Pro 1/8 inch blade. The majority of the breaks seem to be at the weld point on the blade.

            Any suggestions? Where do you find cast iron wheels? Also how do you balance the wheels?



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              Re: More BS1400 dissapointments

              Originally posted by bolson View Post
              The key to success with ANY bandsaw or other machinery is knowing how to properly set up and tune the machine.
              AMEN!! I also had minor problems when I got mine...I got alot of satisfaction making it hum and learned a great deal about bandsaws and this model in particular that made it quite worth the effort.

              “Make yourself an honest man, and then you may be sure that there is one less scoundrel in the world.” —Thomas Carlyle


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                Re: More BS1400 dissapointments

                Unfortunately from everything I've read both here at the RIDGID forum & other woodworking forums, the RIDGID Bandsaw is a bit of a lemon.
                Definitely not representative of the majority of their woodworking power tool line.

                To that end, even though I have a bunch of the RIDGID tools & really like them, I opted go with Grizzly for my Bandsaw purchase, upping the ante to a 17" (GO513X2) as opposed to just a 14" & am quite happy with that decision.


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                  Re: More BS1400 dissapointments

                  I changed the belt to a link belt, and I read someone changed the rubber motormounts with the rubber mounts used on truck shocks. I also did that and I also glued/screwed two 3/4 plywood for a better support between the saw frame and the base. I now get almost no vibration from my BS. Happy sawing.


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                    Re: More BS1400 dissapointments

                    How long of a belt do you need for the BS1400? I want to order a link belt, but I keep forgetting to pull my bandsaw out and measure it and I'm at work.

                    Sooo... IF you recall offhand, please let the rest of us know.