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Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

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  • Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

    Well....I decided I wanted a shorty Riving Knife, for my new Ridgid saw. The advantage to the short knife, is although you sacrifice a little bit of safety, not covering the top of the blade, you don't have to totally remove the thing when making a non through cut. This insures I won't get lazy, and not reinstall the splitter for a quick cut, if I never take it off in the first place.

    I found a PDF file of a pattern here
    on the Ridgid forums, and started trying to find a piece of metal to make it out of.

    I scrounged, and scrounged around my shop, but every thing I could find was either too flimsy, or too thick. A buddy who works at a machine shop had told me he'd find me a piece of aluminum plate, but he ain't come through, and I hate to bug him.

    While rambling around the shop today, trying to find something, I asked myself. "What do I have laying around, that's about the thickness of a saw blade?"

    Then I had an epiphany! Why not cut it out of an old saw blade? I knew there was a reason why I never throw anything away.

    I dug out an old Craftsman blade, that was long dull, and not worth sharpening, and traced the pattern on with a sharpie. Then I got out my Ziz-wheel, and went to chopping. After I got it shaped, I cleaned it up and tapered the leading edge with a file.

    I sanded it clean, and painted it brown. Why brown? Cause that's what color spray paint I had on hand. didn't take that long to make, and I'm well pleased with the results.

    Here's a few pics.

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    Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

    very nicely done. compliments on a creative use for a long dead TS blade. it appears to be eminently useful and a fine addition to a good tool. use it in good health for a long time.
    there's a solution to every just have to be willing to find it.


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      Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

      AHA! Excellent idea. Now there is a purpose to the OEM blade. The one that came with the R4511 is actually reasonably thick, unlike the one that came with my TS3660. I still have both, so I feel a bit of Dremel activity coming on.

      Is it poetic justice that the blade used was a Craftsman?


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        Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

        Ingenuity at it's finest!! I'm thinking I have an old blade in the garage with a couple of broken carbide teeth.... perfect for this use.

        On another subject, I notice your insert. I notice there is no hold down screw in the back. No problems with it lifting at all?


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          Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

          Not as of yet, anyway. That was a concern, as all of them I've ever made for my Delta saw, had a pin in the back, that slipped under the table top. This insert is made from left over laminated flooring, and is only about 3/8" thick. (Screws in each corner underneath for leveling).

          I've been thinking about making some sort of offset bracket kind of thing, to keep the back from lifting, but as of yet, it has yet to move. I may not worry about it now that I have the shorter knife. Even if the blade grabbed it, and lifted it up, I believe it would catch on the knife and not be thrown forward.

          Still thinking about it, but I won't go back to the "screwed down" model of the OE. That's just too much trouble to remove every time I need to change the blade.


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            Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

            Nice job! I love the choice of materials!


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              Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

              Good job. I've been wanting to order a piece of metal online, now I don't have to. Saved me at least $20. Thanks. BTW, what's a ziz-wheel?


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                Re: Made me a short Riving Knife for my R-4511

                Originally posted by Ing View Post
                Thanks. BTW, what's a ziz-wheel?
                I guess that's Southerniese for "Die Grinder". Used a thin cut off wheel, and it cut easily. Most of the cuts were straight, only one sweeping curve, and it only took a few minutes.