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Grizzly G0555 vs Ridgid BS1500

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  • Grizzly G0555 vs Ridgid BS1500

    I am finding it harder to justify spending the extra $$ for the Ridgid when the Grizzly G0555 has many of the features of the Ridgid and more. The Grizzly comes with a fence and miter. Ridgid no longer makes the fence and the miter is $30. The only benefit Ridgid has is it's lifetime warranty. Any thoughts???

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    You're going to have to choose the one you feel most comfortable buying. Just thought you should hear about my experience with Grizzly.
    I purchased a Grizzly 6x48 belt/disc sander. The first problem was the weak instructions. I worked through that ok. The second was a safety guard that would not fit(Grizzly sent me a new one). The final straw was the belt tension lever would not tight the belt. After contacting Grizzly numerous times someone finally told me that the machine was enginered wrong. They wanted me to send in the assembly that the belt goes on(solid cast iron) and they would send me a new one(3-4 weeks). I ended up with my money back including shipping. This might be a one time incedent but because of it I will not buy a Grizzly tool. If you do buy one good luck.


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      I have not seen the new Griz in person, but I have the Griz 1019Z. I have seen the Ridgid at HD. Comparing those two, there is no comparison. The 1019Z looks, feels and handles heavier, stronger, heftier, what ever word you want to use to describe the difference. From reading about the new model, it should be even better. I have a Griz bandsaw, jointer and DC. I have had no problems with any of the three. I do have other brands of equipment so I am not a Griz fanatic, I have PowerMatic, DeWalt, Freud, Hitachi, Delta, Northern Tool, Skil, Makita, and Craftsman. The Griz is no worse and no better than what you are looking to do with it for the price. Their bandsaws are certainly no match for the Euros at $1200-$1500 but then they don't cost a third of that but do better than half the job.


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        I brought the Grizzly ad to HD and got a few bucks off, not same price, but discount all the same. The miter from my TS2424 fits the miter slot in the band saw.

        I have been satisfied with the Ridgid band saw, only caution is if you are planning large re-sawing of hardwood, you might want a bit more horse power. For what I make (basic furniture), this one works great.

        Don't underestimate the value of the warranty and the confidence of a company standing behind their product.


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          I have been going through the same debate in my own mind. I think I have decided on the G0555. I have heard only good things about Grizzly's bandsaws in the past and this one seems to incorporate everything they do well into one.

          I have also noticed that all ads for the G0555 say "Introductory Price". This tells me two things: 1) it is going to go up and 2) they have enough confidence in the product to get it out there in big numbers so word of its quality spreads quickly.

          As for experiences with Grizzly, they seem to run the gamut, just like experiences you read about HD on this forum. I ordered a drill press from them and encountered great service and am happy with the product. Others have not been so lucky.


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            It is a very close call, but for me, I give the nod to the G0555. The deciding factor is the 1 HP motor vs. Ridgid's 3/4. If you really don't need the extra power, I would say Ridgid's lifetime warranty would tip the scales in its favor.


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              I also noted that both the Ridgid and the Grizzly motors are rated at 10 amps. Everyone knows amps are the way to compare motors. HP figures are not an accurate way to compare motors. The Ridgid band saw has 3/4 hp @ 10A while the Grizzly is 1 hp @ 10A. This tells me that the Grizzly has a more efficient motor. A lifetime warranty is great but not at the expense of performance. Adding the fence and miter (that come standard on the Grizzly) onto a Ridgid will add atleast another $150 to the $449 price tag. Ridgid needs to include these accessories or drop the price a bit.


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                I too am looking for a BS.

                The Ridgid website does not show the specs for the BS 14001 (it still has the BS 1400).

                Can the Ridgid BS be wired for 240VAC? The G0555 can. I am converting everyting in my shop to 240.

                The ridgid is at home Depot for $429 + tax. The Grizzly is $430, including shipping and the fence and miter guage.


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                  Well Jeff, so far the Grizzly has me won over. I would wager that the Ridgid Band Saw should be able to accept 220 V. I would contact Ridgid if they have a newer model of the BS1400. I do own Ridgid's TS24241 table saw. Last that I checked the "1" stood for a special package that had some extra accessories not normally found in the regular TS2424. This could very well be the case with the BS14001. It's going to be a tough decision but I have some time before I make my band saw purchase. I will be buying my Ridgid drill press first.


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                    Has anyone seen any in-depth reviews of the G0555 yet?



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                      The only write-up that I have seen was in the Fall 2002 American Woodworker (Volume 97). This issue is the 2003 Tool Buyer's Guide. It just highlights the features and price. You can get the same info from


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                        There are a couple of good reviews at Just run a search for G0555 and see what comes up. Most of the reviews were positive.


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                          Correct link for Badger Pond is .



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                            I have had the Ridgid BS14001 for about six months. It has resawed six inch thick oak and maple without any fuss or hesitation. This saw was well received in a Fine Woodworking review last year. I did not get the stock rip fence, but i easily made my own without difficulty. I had planned to buy the Fasttrack by Duginske,but the "roll your own" works great. I am unconvinced that the label reading 1 hp would make the saw any better for my purposes. I thouhgt about Grizzly, but I don't like buying something like this without hands on first.




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                              I'm coming into this discussion a little late, but I am also deciding between the Grizzly G0555 and Ridgid BS1400. I really like Ridgid and it's lifetime warranty, but it's hard to overlook such features as a bigger TEFC motor (it also looks to be better concealed), the inclusion of a fence and miter gauge with the purchase, and the ability to convert to 220V. I can get all this with Grizzly for $430 delivered, whereas the Ridgid is about $440 out-the-door (factoring in HD's current 10% off Xmas sale through 12/8), but this does not include the fence and miter gauge.

                              Two things in favor of the Ridgid - includes a sanding platen (does Grizzly offer this??), and has the ability to accept a thinner blade for more finely-detailed work. Is there really that much more you can do with a 1/8" blade that you can't do with a 1/4" blade?? Green Wood, Paul M., and Steve L. all seem to be leaning towards the Grizzly, but I haven't read anything from anyone who actually owns or has used the Grizzly. Anyone out there care to offer their personal experiences concerning the Grizzly??