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R8452 Circular Saw Questions

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  • R8452 Circular Saw Questions

    This saw comes as part of the 18V Lithium 4 pack kit. I purchases this back in July of 08. Just recently as I pull the trigger, the unit goes "click" and the blade turns a hair. Has anyone had this problem?

    This has never occurred in the past - it either runs or not. As I understand the lithium technology, this is the beauty, the batteries deliver full power and then quit.

    I tried the battery in a drill and the drill worked fine. I put it back in the saw - "click" Thinking the battery may be low - I charged it. The saw worked fine. Than later the clicking started again.

    I've got several batteries and so I'm keeping a log of which battery and which charger to see if I can determine a pattern.

    It also seems to me that since this clicking has started, (when it does run) it seems to run at a slower RPM. I brought it to my local repair center and they state the saw is fine and that the battery was bad - new one on order. While I'm waiting for the new battery, I"m still using the saw and it still goes "click."

    Has anyone had this issue??

    Thank you

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    Re: R8452 Circular Saw Questions

    I had the problem with the 12 volt Lithium drill. Worked fine for quite some time, and then on one project I put it under load and got the "click"... wait a few seconds and the chuck would turn a partial rev and then "click" again.

    My 18-volt cordless 6-1/2-inch saw runs on NiCad, which seems to handle any load quite well. I'm wondering if the problem is with the protective circuitry on the Lithium cells. While no doubt the technology has advanced over the last few years; early on "Lithium" batteries didn't appear to handle heavy loads very well.

    So, while I'm not sure if this IS still a problem, the number of posts regarding lithium failures makes me wonder where the problem lies... in the battery or in it's protective circuitry?

    Sorry this isn't more helpful,