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    Hi all,

    Just got my 2424 and was wondering...I've got Bench Dog featherboards to hold the material to the fence. Work great. Was wondring however, what do others use to hold the material to the table. With the side slot in the fence being located fairly low on the fence face (like in the middle) my benchdogs don't work.. any suggestions?

    Thanks as always !!!

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    I use a C-clamp to hold a feather board vertically on the fence. Good enough for me for now.

    Eventually, I would like to make an L-shaped bracket that mounts in the slots on the top of the fence and has a slot in it to bolt a feather board to.


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      Sears sells a device that has two fixtures that hld l-shaped rods onto which you can fix long leaf springs (about 8 inches long and 3/4-inch wide). By adjusting the springs you can vary the size of the workpiece and the tension that the springs put on it: two of the springs hold the workpiece down and two hold it against the fence.

      This device was designed to be used with a rip fence that is lower in height and narrowing in width than the RIDGID fence. I solved this by making an auxiliary fence that consists of two pieces of 1x3 about 18 inches long, and two 2-inch wood blocks acting as spacers between them. (This explanation won't make any sense unless you look up the item in the Sears catalog, and you'll see that the fixtures won't span over the RIDGID fence as they were intended to.) The whole job took about half an hour, and the resulting setup is ideal for using a molding head cutter or doing dados on thin pieces.