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mortise attatchment for dp1550

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  • mortise attatchment for dp1550

    I have been making mortises using my router and a chisel. I do not use mortises that often, but think I might use them more often the more I get into building furniture.
    I have the ridgid dp1550 and I have read about mortising attatchments for drill presses. Does any one have a recomendation for a specific attatchment made for the ridgid drill press? I googled mortise attatchment and tons come up, does any one have a specific model you,rikon,grizzly...that you know works on the ridgid? I want to make sure that the quill diameter works with the attatchment.

    I don't want to drop $200+ on a dedicated machine if I can have good luck with an attatchment.

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    Re: mortise attatchment for dp1550

    I bought my DP used and it came with this Mortising kit

    while i have used it a couple of times i find it unhandy myself due to it takes a bit to get it setup and square the chisle to the fence. once this is done it does work fine, but keep in mind that you can not use the drill press for anything else until you are done with the mortising attachement.

    I have a Delta drill press so i am unsure if it will properly fit you're ridgid, perhaps measure you're quill and i can look at my adaptors and see if its close.