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  • 14.4 cordless drills

    NEW to the forum, looks like a great site to "exchange" ideas and opinions.

    I have looked at 14.4 cordless drill/drivers Ridgid and others (Makita, DeWalt) and am having a difficult time seeing large differences in them. One has a few more in/lbs of torque (like I could tell with 98% of what I would use it for) and some have a little better battery and some have a little lower price. So what do you use, I know that some would say depends on what you use it for and some would say the one that feels good in your hand but what tangible critera is there? Thanxs

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    You've listed most of the tangible criterion that seperate one drill/driver from another. I apologize if I'm misunderstanding you but it sounds like none of the differences or features you mentioned mean anything as far as your choice of a drill/driver is concerned. If thats the case, you can save yourself some money and probably be happy with just about any 9.6V model.
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      The big criteria for me is at least a drill having Hi-Low range. I have two Mikita 9.6v and 2 12v FireStorms (Gifts I couldn't return ). My hand always goes for the Makita first. Other issue for me is being left handed and the placement of the dang reverse switch by the trigger. When grabbing the drill, It always gets knocked into reverse (rewired the FireStorms's ). The Makita's I have use a thumb reverse.


      PS: Let me know where to ship the FireStorms


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        I have the Dewalt 14.4 XRP. I love it. I also have a Dewalt 9.6V that is now gathering dust. 14.4 is the lowest I would go.