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  • RAS shroud

    I picked up a aluminum sign recently that measures roughly 48" x 36" x 1/16". It's painted white on both sides with a logo on the front.

    With a little cutting and bending I was able to turn this into a pretty effective DC shroud for the RAS.

    I had mounted a dust hood directly behind the blade to see how effective it would be. Given that the hood was basically just sitting all by itself behind the blade I wasn't sure how effective it would be. According to my Dylos unit, it was very effective.

    With this shroud I expect the DC on this RAS to be even further enhanced. Plus the shroud reflects quiet a bit of light, which is always a good thing.

    Now I have to figure out a DC solution for the top of my R4511.
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    Re: RAS shroud


    Nice job!

    Early on, I had a similar setup in my first house, using only waxed cardboard (corragated stuff from the local packaging company) which I pinned to the back wall, bringing the left and right sides (wings) in meet the back of the RAS table. I had a large cardboard box on the floor underneath the table where the saw dust would accumulate. Obviously it didn't hold up too well... the use of your "sign" was and excellent idea.

    My cardboard creation still left a lot of dust drifting back onto the table and hopefully the use of your vac or shop dust collector will alleviate that. Do you still end up with dust getting off to the sides or bouncing back onto to the table?"




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      Re: RAS shroud

      CW - I have a Harbor Freight Tools DC. I have a 5" hose I hook up directly to the dust hood on this shroud. The saw dust just streams straight to the DC port.

      I also connect my Ridgid shop vac, running through a Dust Deputy, to the blade guard. Virtually every piece of debris is collected. And the Dylos particle counter indicates that the fines are getting captured.

      Actually, this was before I built the shroud, when I just had the DC hood placed in the same location as it is now so the DC's influence wasn't as focused as it is now.


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        Re: RAS shroud

        I have had a similar behind the blade dust shroud hooked up to my RAS and DC on a 2.5 inch line that streamed in the dust. I am replacing the craftsman RAS with a Makita sliding miter,as I just had too much trouble getting repeatable accuracy out of the RAS.

        Only problem with the miter saw is that the dust flies and splits in half at the bevel gauge behind the saw, so my old dust hood is rendered useless.

        I think I am going to have to use your concept of a bigger backstop and upgrade to a 4 inch line on the backstop as well as tying in a 2.5 inch on the saw's 1.5 inch DC port.

        Your idea is right on, just hope it will take care of the new SCMS saw, cause so far I really like it, just have to solve the dust spray issue.


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          Re: RAS shroud

          Cato - I think if you hook up the 4" line you'll be pretty happy.

          I'm thinking that if the shroud doesn't create enough of an envelope I can extend the shroud via 1/8" acrylic. It's lightweight and won't block ambient light. Plus, it can be shaped into gentle curves with a little heat and care.

          I like the idea of adding a hose off the 4" line for the blade guard. I currently use a shop vac for this. Works well, but gets a little clumsy.


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            Re: RAS shroud

            Spiff- thanks, ordered the supplies last night from Woodcraft to get me started. They are having a 20% off sale through today on dust collection accessories, so got a section of hose coming, universal adapter to fit the miter saws port, and a larger 12 x 16 dust shroud w/ 4" port.

            Planning on making a cutout around the shroud and either curving a thinner material as you are thinking or at least angling the material back to the shroud, in an effort to funnel the dust.

            Anything will be an improvement!!