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Broken Herc-u-lift screws

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  • Broken Herc-u-lift screws


    I'm assembling my brand new 3650. After assembling the Herc-u-lift, I moved the saw around a couple times to test it out. Then I noticed two of the hex-head screws broke right off one leg! These are the screws that hold the leg bracket in place to support the 2 Herc assemblies. Has this happened to anyone else? I am now scared to move the saw around for fear the others might break off as well.

    Other than that, the assembly is going reasonably well.

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    My Herc-U-Lift base is attached to the legs of the saw stand with only one bolt at each leg so I'm not quite sure which bolts you're referring too. The directions say to only partially thread the nuts onto the bolts that secure the base to the rear legs so possibly you threaded those nuts too far up the bolts. In any case, it could be that you also just got some bad bolts so I'd just put some new ones on and move on and start enjoying your new saw.
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      No, that bolt is loose. I'm referring to the 2 screws that hold that black leg bracket to the orange stand. Anyways, I went out and bought new screws and all is well. On with the assembly!


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        It sounds like you made the common mistake of over-tightening the screws. You have to leave them loose to allow for the Herc-U-Lift to have room to move. If you tighten the screws too tight, they will snap when you kick the pedal down to engage the wheels. Get some better grade bolts and nylon lined nuts to replace. I replaced all my stock hardware with better grade bolts and screws and it's rock solid.


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          No, he said that he broke the bolts that hold the black bracket to the leg.
          It's not from over tightening the pivot bolts.
          It's from over tightening the short mounting bolts. They can't take much torque. I broke one myself.


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            I twisted off a couple of the screws at the top of the legs where they attach to the saw base. I think I simply over-torqued them. The lack of a nickel finish made think they were Grade 5 bolts and they are not. They seemed particularly soft to me.

            If you think you may have overtightened the others, just replace them all with standard size and move on to making sawdust.



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              I have to agree that the hardware provided is not very good. Easy to overtighten, very soft, so the heads round off easily. I was disappointed with the hardware.
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                My father helped me put mine together and also broke a hex nut. I called Rigid and they are sending me another. HD does not carry that exact nut. We found you cannot over tighten them because they break easily.