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Long time listener...first time caller...planer thought

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  • Long time listener...first time caller...planer thought

    I would first like to say thanks to all of the knowledge I've learned just reading over posts. Thanks to all who share their knowledge.

    I'm somewhere just beyond a beginner, I've built a few minor projects, recycling/microwave cabinet is my greatest accomplishment to date, but I am ramping up to becoming a full time weekend warrior. I'm getting ready to buy a planer and jointer, I won't ask for opinions as there are plenty available on here.

    I just finished reading a planer review in 'Wood Magazine 3/10', but tonight I ran by Sears to check out the 71248 with a granite surface. My question is this, since I know Ridgid employees get on here. Is there any plans for a Ridgid granite top planer? The Craftsman is in third place right now, but I do like that feature.

    Also if Ridgid coorporate could push my local HD (Johnson City NY) to put planers or jointers on clearance, like I've read on several other threads I wouldn't complain, but I know I'm probably shooting for the stars.


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    Re: Long time listener...first time caller...planer thought

    first of all I want to say welcome to the Forum, and good luck with your quest for tools.
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      Re: Long time listener...first time caller...planer thought

      Hi Chris,

      Welcome to the forum neighbor! I've also been lurking in the JC Home Depot, just waiting for that Ridgid Joiner to go on clearance, like it appears in many other parts of the country. Unfortunately for us both, the guys in the JC store (and in the Corning, NY store [both in the same region, I guess]) tell me "that ain't going to happen" because they keep selling them at the regular price.

      My understanding of Home Depot's "clearance" policy is that if the tool isn't selling in a particular region, the regional management can declare them as "slow moving inventory" and thus "clearance" price the particular items. Seeing that they are selling in the Binghamton and neighboring regional stores, I guess we are out of luck for awhile.