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Quill Size for the DP1550 Drill Press

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  • Quill Size for the DP1550 Drill Press

    Can anyone supply me with the diameter of the quill on the DLP1550 15" full size drill press?

    I am trying to locate a heavey duty mortising attachment and want to be sure I get one that will fit. The Ridgid model is just not working for me. I've purchased two over the years and the first time I used either one, the base attachment bolts and quill compression screw heads stripped immediately (despite knowing how easy this happens with this kit and being very, very carefull the second time around) and the handles used to tighten them down invariably snap. The seem to be made of pressed aluminum and are not strong at all.

    Also, if anyone can recommned a different brand of mortising attachment, I'm all ears.

    Any help here would be greatly aprreciated.

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    Re: Quill Size for the DP1550 Drill Press

    This article might change your mind about adding a mortising attachment to a drill press.

    Spend a little bit more money on a real mortising machine, and less on frustrations.


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      Re: Quill Size for the DP1550 Drill Press

      Thanks...I read that article just prior to posting. Tell me if I'm being dense, but the thing I've found to be the hardest to do when setting up the mortising attachment is getting the square chisel positioned 90 degrees to the fence. From what I can tell, that challenge still exists with a mortising machine. I quickly mounted the mortising jig on a piece of MDF the same size as my drill press table which, by using clamps to secure it, gives me a lot of precision when it comes to positioning the jig for the appropriate centerline on the workpiece, so that is not a challenge any more - again it's the chisel that is tough and would still be an issue with a machine, right?

      Again, if I'm missing something, please explain.

      Thanks in advance....