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  • Money from taxes!

    So the wife is gonna give me a $300 shopping spree with my returned tax refund!!!! Well, I had to fight a little but...
    Anyway, looked at my rockler and woodcraft wish list and decided on the dust right dust collection accessories found at rockler. I have a very small shop with a single stage "cheap" collector on wheels. I'mm gonna wall mount it if you can believe, and take advantage of the flex hose, floor and bench cleaner, extra hose, clamps........and so on.
    What do you think? I want a Forrest blade too, I want a jointer (rigid I think), and a bunch of small things.
    Think this is money well spent.
    FYI, If I ducted in a permanent system, it wouldnt be worth it cause most of my tools are portable and bench top. Only my Table saw and miter saw don't move.
    Thanks guys!

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    Re: Money from taxes!

    Sounds like a good plan! Have fun shopping, and get the Forrest soon, they aren't getting any cheaper.



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      Re: Money from taxes!

      Which DC unit do you have?


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        Re: Money from taxes!

        personally IF your just going to spend the money with out a real need or reason,

        I would set it back for a day when I really needed or wanted some thing,

        $300 in one way is not enough to sneeze at, (with bills and such to day), and on the other hand it is a nice new floor tool in the home shop, or with very little added to that sum,

        If you need the blade buy the blade and set the rest back for what ever the need or want,

        that is My opinion

        I am sure there is some thing in your future that will come up and you will be trying to figure out to scrape up $XXX, for the project or tools.
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          Re: Money from taxes!

          I bought the dust collector stuff AND the blade. Haven't tried the blade yet but I hear it rocks.
          Figure I work way to hard for my money to not enjoy it sometimes!

          Dust right system so far is pretty cool. Simple tool less connections to all my tools now. Also have the floor wand and benchtop wand to get it all the floor easier. Looks like a rockler only product. Pretty cool!