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Ridgid 13in Planer Problems

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  • Ridgid 13in Planer Problems

    I have a 13in Ridgid Planer that is randomly dimpling/marring the wood throughout the length of the board as it planes. I returned my first one for this problem and the replacement is doing the same thing. I use the dust hood 2in hole with a 6.25HP Wet/Dry Vac for dust collection. I have tried several different types of wood and I get the same results. I saw the complaint earlier in the Forum but I wanted to revisit it. I planed $600 worth of black walnut on the Delta 12 1/2 and it planed perfect every pass. I planed boards from the same stock on my Ridgid and I got poor results, so dry wood would not be the issue in this case. Ridgid's Tech advisors have heard of the complaint before. I am about to return my Ridgid and purchase the Delta. Does anyone know a fix?

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    I planed down a bunch of white pine last weekend and got those results when trying to take off too much material at once. When I lightened the pass, all was well.
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      I returned the planer and got the 14 in Bandsaw. I am very happy with it and I plan on purchasing the Delta planer instead. Ridgid needs to figure out what is going on with its planer. I have enough experiences with the Delta that I know it is a superior product.


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        I have expererienced the same problem with my planer as well as very poor results with soft maple. Unfortuntaly I didn't see these problems until a year after I bought mine, so no return possible. I even took mine to be serviced, but they said nothing was wrong. Ridgid suggested my board was too dry and for me to try wetting it slightly with a spray bottle. I gave this a try and it did work however it is a major hassle to wet down my wood first especially since most things in my shop don't like to have water sprayed on them. I don't have experience with other planers, but I have to believe this is a result of poor design. It shouldn't be recirculating the chips no matter how dry the wood is. Needless to say I'm not too happy with my planer.