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Why should I buy TS2400, help me decide!

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  • Why should I buy TS2400, help me decide!

    I've been looking at portable table saws for quite some time and am really at an impass on just what brand to get. I've narrowed my decision on the TS2400, Bosch 4000 and Dewalts Portable. How do you all like your TS2400? If you had to do it all over again would you still get the TS2400?

    I'm the casual woodworker who doesn't have a lot of room, hence the portable. The lifetime warranty on the TS2400 is a good selling point, but what it really gets down to is how the saw works and it's ACCURACY. It does bother me a bit that the TS2400 doesn't have the capabilities to put extensions to the left and rear of the saw, but again maybe to all of you who have this saw that hasn't been an issue. I know that you get portable supports for this purpose so maybe this isn't much of an issue.

    What do you all think!

    Thanks in advance, you input is appreciated!


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    Not trying to steer you away from TS2400 as I almost bought one, but, Porter Cable has now entered the fray with this type of saw.

    WW Supply has these for $386.95 including a free $77 stand. Outfeed supports are also available for $52.

    Last time I was at HD they had a deal going for 2400 with stand at a reduced price, but I can't recall what it was.

    Now that I've muddied the water you can chose between DeWalt, Ridgid, Bosch and Porter cable.


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      What is the website address for the place with the Porter Cable Saw!




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        Woodworkers Supply does not as yet have a web site. Their phone is 1-800-645-9292.

        If you're into woodworking they are a good outfit to do business with. Excellent service, good prices. Call and ask for a catalog.

        To see a pic of the PC 3812 saw try here:

        You might also do a search over at There was a lot of discussion about this saw a month or so ago. It was held up for release due to some additional testing (problems?). I don't know the status of this item now.


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          If it's not too late have a good look at the TS2400, I have been totally impressed.
          Cuts square and came perfectly set up. I even played with the settings to make sure they worked?
          The blade supplied is reasonable but just put a dedicated fine crosscut or a thin kerf ripper of good quality on it a wow what a saw.
          Mine is set up on the wheelie carriage and it just folds up and stores against the wall in a snap.
          If I have one criticism which may be down to my own technique is that storing the rip fence in the holder is not too bad but I have to use a deal of effort to get it out.
          I have read many articles about TS all say don't buy a bench top. All I can say is that so far it has done all that I have asked of it accurately and without a hint of protest from the motor. Time will tell if it remains so, but I have no reason to suspect that it won't [img]smile.gif[/img]


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            I've got a TS-2400 on the "Work 'n Haul it" stand. For this class of saw, it's first rate.I love the way all the parts, spare blades, etc store right on the saw, although occasionally the blade guard doesn't stay in it's assigned spot. Speaking of the blade guard, it's the very best I've seen on one of these compact saws -- it's super easy to mount and dismount, with just one knob. If I had some of the other saws I looked at, I'd never use the guards becaus ethey are too much fuss and bother... but the guard on the TS-2400 makes it hard to say no.

            Like most saws, the blade that comes with it is not a stellar performer. I put an 80-tooth Freud blade on it and it cuts like a dream. Yes, I've made it bog down a few times, but only because I was doing things I shouldn't do... ripping with a crosscut blade, for example... [img]smile.gif[/img]

            The combo of the TS2400 and the Work 'n Haul It stand is a combo that can't be beat if you're looking for a powerful, transportable worksite saw. WHen you need it, it's right there -- but when it's in the way, fold it up and it takes less space than some of the bigger guys (and works more, too!)

            HD is now selling the TS2400 bundled with the Work 'n Haul stand for $499... the same price I paid for the saw alone (and then $150 for the stand) Both these at the $499 price is a FABULOUS buy! I'd do it in a heartbeat if I needed another.

            BTW, Ridgid support is also top-notch. My saw was missing one of the setscrews for adjusting the blade tilt stops. One call to Ridgid and the screw was there via Next-Day Air on our second day of ownership. Impressive!



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              Thanks Dan, couldn't have said it better my self.


              BTW: Those of you who have the TS2400; a tip for removing the rip fence. Place both thumbs on the edge of the table just above the fence mount. Hook your fingers around under the fence, then rotate your wrists. Don't pull out but rotate. Usually the fence will come free with little effort.