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Caster Set for My Jointer

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  • Caster Set for My Jointer

    I've purchased a Ridgid JP06100 Jointer and Thickness Planer as well as two AC99500 Caster Sets. I had no problem assembling the Caster Set to the Planer but cannot find the references for assembly of the 99500 for the Jointer. The fellas at HD said that the Caster Set would fit both units. Do I need to use my chop saw and welder to actually do this?

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    You were told wrong by the HD representitive, the AC9950 caster set will not fit under the jointer. The base is just too narrow to make a Herc-U-Lift style system work.



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      Yet another reason why Ridgid needs to see it that the floor people at Home Depot knows what the H_ _ L they are talking about.
      Personally, you have a couple of options for mobility on this piece of equipment. Rockler, has a mobile base on sale that is adaptable to almost anything. has a more heavier duty moble base, but you'll pay for it.
      Personaly, what I did was buy some decent casters and replace the leveling feet with casters. I put 2 swivels at the infeed end. Since I have a wooden floor, I drilled holes 1/2" deep into the floor and took some scrap wood and dowel rods and made a stop block for the outfeed end and a U shaped stop block for the infeed end and found a decently level spot on the floor in the area I wanted to use it. I also used a couple washers to fine tune the levelness. I move it into place, drop the stop blocks around the wheels and do my business.
      If you have a concrete floor I would suggest an alternavie mobile base.
      I hope this helps your delema in some way.
      John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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        Thanks for the advice guys as disapointed as I now am.


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          Hey ken this is what I used on mine, the HTC-2000.
          It has proven to be very stable and easy to move around. Hope this helps


          NO NO NO- I engineered it to look like that!! Crooked-HA!