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    If you use a 6" Dado Blades, can you use a 7" or 8" Dado Insert, or must you use a 6" Insert??
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    Any insert will work with the 6" dado.



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      And the follow-up: if you use an 8-inch dado can you use the 7-inch insert as long as you are careful not to raise it too high and to hand-spin it for clearance (which one should do anyhow)?


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        I had been thinking about getting a dado (DADO, DAAADO, daylight come and me want to saw wood) -- sorry. Anyway, the Home Depots here never had anything in but the 7" insert and one day I saw they had an 8". Impulse buy! I purchased the insert and a Freud 8" stacked dado set. I haven't used it yet but will very soon.


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          FYI...I use the Freud 8" Super Dado set on my TS2424 and it is great! I get smoother cuts and bottoms than with any other dado I've used previously. I think the most important feature is the negative hook angle of this set. It requires a slower feed rate but the results are beautiful.

          With the 8" dado remember to limit the depth of cut as these sets can bog down a contractor saw. Using good set ups my TS2424 has never balked at this kind of work.

          What a great Saw!
          - Tim