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  • Router Table Flatness

    I bought a Bosch router combo kit + table (1617EVSPK + RA1171) that so far has been used primarily as a jointer to test out practice cuts on my Ridgid 4511 table saw.

    Started 1st real project over the weekend (replacing kitchen cabinets) and started with the new drawers & fronts. Decided to use drawer lock router bits as the joinery method.

    Did a half dozen test cuts and began to get the hang of it with the aid of the plastic set-up jig. However, never really liked the fit I was getting on the inside corners.

    Decided to investigate the table itself and discovered that even though all 4 corners of the insert plate are within .001 of each other, the plate itself bows downward from the in-feed side to center of bit .0095". From the centerline towards the out-feed side, it slopes back up to become level at the point the insert plate meets the HPL table. Most of the surface seems to be in the 5 to 6 thousands low. I've measured the entire surface with 2 different dial indicators plus straight edge & feeler gauges and come up with very similar numbers.

    The insert plate is only 11.5" x 9" and I think a plate that small should be dead-nuts on right out of the box or at least with a thousand or two. Does anyone else have an opinion as to what the tolerance should be??? Bosch tech guys didn't know what the spec should be. They just want me to send it back for a look-see and send me a new one if my calculations are correct. That's okay I guess but project get put on hold for a week or two. Any opinions?