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Measuring Blade Angles

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  • Measuring Blade Angles

    This probably is a dumb question but here it goes anyways: When measuring the angle of the blade for a mitred cut, do you place the protractor on the teeth of the blade or just the blade? Obviously, the carbide teeth on my Rigid Blade stick out further that the inside portion of the blade. My guess is measure the angle between the table top and the blade (ie. not touching the teeth). I have real problems getting all 4 corners to line up perfectly. There has to be a better way......!

    I also notice that the inside portion seems to be hollowed out some with some "golf ball dimples." Is this normal for blades (I am thinking it is for keeping the blade cool)?

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    Yep measure between the teeth an you'll get the most accurate measurement. I believe the dimples are to keep the blade from warping at high temp by passing the heat from the blade during cutting.
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      Also, before doing any measurement---make sure your insert is leveled with the table top.


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        In my pre-3612 days, I have cut and mitered a lot of picture frame moulding on a radial arm saw. Ripping the molding was hard enough, and with the beat up table on the RAS, it was tough to measure the blade angle. I would get it as close as I could, cut one 45 through a piece of scrap, flip one part over and hold the two pieces together to check for 90 degrees. Any error in setting the blade angle would be doubled. From there it was bump and nudge until it was on.
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