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Problem With R2600 Orbital Sander

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  • Problem With R2600 Orbital Sander

    Has anyone had trouble with this product? I've had one for about a month (used it once or twice), pluged it in the other night to sand a table top, and it quit after about 30 seconds.

    I took that one back to Home Depot and exchanged it for a new one, brought it home, plugged it in, turned it on, and 30 seconds later, it died.

    Am I doing something wrong here? I had the dust port hooked to a (Ridgid) shop vac both time, but that should not be a problem.

    My wife asked me if I had them both plugged into the same outlet, which I think I did, but it was the same outlet I've been running my pancake compressor on all week, so I doubt it's an electrical problem either.

    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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    I have both the Ridgid R2600 Orbital and the R2500 1/4 Sheet sanders and they have both run flawlessly. I purchased them a year ago last November and I've used them quite a bit without any sign of problems. Similarly, I have the Ryobi RS280VS (a cheaper version of the R2600) and have used it for almost two years now without any problems. (Actually, I was afraid I'd wear it out and that prompted me to buy the R2600 during it's introductory "lifetime warranty" offer.)

    If you haven't returned the second unit yet, I'd check the receptacle. Do you notice whether or not the little pilot light is on in the R2600's plug when the sander stops running? If the receptacle is "hot", the plug should be lighted and of course the sander should run. If not, you may have a loose connection either in the receptacle or the unit. Seems odd that you'd end up with two defective sanders, but these things do happen.

    If the sander doesn't work in another receptacle or whatever, make a call to Ridgid technical support and see what they say. There may be some technical bulletin, if there is a QC problem.

    The only other thing I can suggest is unplug the sander and remove the top cover (you'll need a Torx driver) to check for a loose connection there... BUT, check with Ridgid service first to make sure you aren't voiding the warranty!

    I hope you can resolve the problem as I really do think you'll like the sander,



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      I have had the situation before where a wire on the terminal of a socket was slightly loose, not enough to keep it from making a connection but enough that after some time it would heat up and move breaking a connection.

      If the pancake only runs for a few minutes then kicks off, the connection would not heat up enough to break whereas if the sander were run for an extended period of time, it would.

      It is impossible to make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious.


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        I have the R2600 and have only used it since Christmas. It worked flawlessly at sanding the old finish off of a bed frame, king size. I used it pretty hard, extended run time (hour/hour and a half) and was using coarse grit and bearing down on it with considerable wieght. I had it running on a 20A circuit along with a 6HP vacuum.

        I probably was a little rougher with it than I normally would be, I was really bearing down on it pretty hard to remove material, especially when the pad wore out a bit. The sander was pretty warm and I was very happy with the way that it performed. I was kind of testing it out to see how much better it would be to use than my 10 year old craftsman that still works beautifully but my neighbors can probably hear it running. I also got tired of buying craftsman sandpaper.

        It frightens me to see that there may be a problem with this tool. I shopped around and felt that this sander would be an excellent buy, it sure seems solid when I am using it.


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          Are you using the same outlet?
          I had their low end ROS and the variable speed dial didn't work. Returned it. Same problem. Tried another at the store. Same problem. It is possible that a bunch of sanders can have the same problem.


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            I was looking at both the Ridgid r2600 and the Ryobi RS280VS.

            I'm looking at the specs and all I see different other than the plug is the 0.2 amperage difference. The look pretty much the same also. I'm thinking it's the same sander that's been rebranded, and they rounded off the amperage rating on the Ridgid.

            If that's the case, I'd rather pay less and get the Ryobi. Have you noticed a difference between the 2? What did you pay for your Ryobi?