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  • r4510

    just got a r4510 been putting things in place and came to the rip fence part and it says it should slide smoothly,well does that mean i hear a woodwind sound as it slides with pressure to push it i thought it shoukd float nice not force the micro did not want to push it the back of the fence is well off the rail. a square looks good on the top and bottom of fence is this just a tight one that needs to be used or what i thought of lube but its a saw. when the fence slides it does not bind end 2 end so my,freinds got help, it seems to sing more about 3 inhes on right side from blade. the troubleshoot was no help,i played with the plastic gulides which helped the micro can work know,but a free float would be better so anybody could push into place easy,and not break something.any words of help im all ears,been around table saws but my first would like it right.

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    Re: r4510

    thanks for whatever! worked on plastic gulids and put extra presure on fence clamped down in trouble area a lot better noise and somewhat smooth the ts 3650 that made me think ridgid made me wish icould have found one.thanx but found new item i will ask for help with.