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Random Orbit Sanders Makita or Ridgid?

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    hello there changling

    my Dewalt 5" vs ros died on me right in the middle of a project, so off I went to the local BOB to pick up another one. Of course Ridgid had theirs right next to Dewalt so I picked it up. It felt pretty good so I looked at the Dewalt and it was a ros only, no variable speed, for 69.95, and so was the ridgid. rpm's high were real close to Dewalt, however with the variable speed,it had the lower rpms it also came with a hook and loop pad. AAAAAAAAND it also had a spare pad which would take stick on discs, so whatever your preference it took either one and no new after buy purchases. cord has felcro wrap for keeping the cord together, when done using.

    and the Dewalt and the ridgid were both priced at 69.95. have used it extensively and it is every bit as good as my Dewalt was if not better. Nice piece of machinery. I'm completely satisfied.

    that's my 2 pennies worth

    Happy woodworking guys


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      If I might add my $.02, I got one(RS2600) for xmas and have used it alot while connected to my Fein vac. Believe it or not have carried on a conversation without extreme shouting as I was sanding and with the vac on. Wife really likes that as she thinks I use hearing as an excuse not to listen. Huh?


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        I have used the Ridgid 5" VS ROS for quite awhile now and love it. I have used it on soft and hard wood with great results. I too am 50 and my hands hurt with just about any sander. I will say this about the switch. When ever I change hands I always seem to bump the switch to the off position. (Makes me mad, but call it operator error).

        This sander has worked great for me. The long cord and velcro strap is a real plus!



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          I have a Ridgid 2610 ROS. I think it is great.
          Workbench magazine recently tested it against some of the best sanders made, including the dual orbit Bosch,the Festool,The Fein,and several sanders costing much more.
          They liked it and rated it a "Best Buy" The 2610 is actually a Metabo.


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            I also have the 2610 and love it. Powerful, fast material removal at 1/4" orbit and glass smooth on the 1/8" setting and really quite quiet compared to my old ryobi 4.5"


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              Originally posted by Changeling:
              Now all I have to do is find a really good Wet/Dry vac for the dustless hookup I need. I was looking at the Ridgid WD1245 but it received a "Bad review" from a reviewer at Eopinions.
              I have the Ridgid 6hp shop vac (not sure the model no.) put let me tell ya, it will suck a bowling ball up off the ground! this sucker is strong! i also have the Ridgid ROS and I love it.
              I really need to change my handle to Ridgid-man but don't want to give people the wrong ideas [img]smile.gif[/img]

              Good luck!

              btw what dust collection system are you looking at?

              Mick Chambers<br />Keller TX<br />


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                I just got the PC sander and think alot of it. Bought it on the recomendation of a cabinet maker I did some work for at his house.


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                  I too have the Ridgid 2600...actually I have had 2 of them now and have had problems with them. The last one I just bought a week ago and its doing the same thing as the other one did. It won't even orbit anymore!!! Sanded about 15 cherry cabinet doors and accidently filled the dust bag to full. Now when I turn it on and let it spin it just winds out right to full RPM but doesn't orbit at all. When you put it down against wood you just get circular swirls....may as well just put a grinder disk on!!! anyone else ever experiance this?



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                    Hello RyanB

                    Try blowing the dust out of it and see if it will work. It may have a build up from letting the bag fill up too full.

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                      Check out festool ( Their
                      stuff isn't cheap, but it's premium quality,
                      and the dust collection is superb. You can buy
                      one Festool or a bunch of Ryobis. For a casual
                      user, the price premium cannot probably be justified, but if you plan to use your tools a long time and want good dust collection and minimum vibration, it's hard to beat a Festool sander.
                      Rick J


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                        If you want to try a Ridgid shop vac get to your Home Depot early this friday. They will be selling a 12gal Ridgid vac...reg 69.97 I believe...for 25.00. They won't last long. The other super deal they will have is a Ridgid 18v drill....reg 189.00...for 99.00. again don't get there at 5pm and expect to find any.


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                          Sounds like a couple of great deals. I've stopped in at the local HD, but nobody either nobody knows or they aren't telling.

                          Last Christmas season, the local HD had the 12 gal Vacs on sale for $30. Great buy, and I bought two of them. They are really a terrific shop vac with a fairly quiet motor and terrific suction.



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                            i have two ros, the makita and the variable speed bosch. both are great in their own way -- the makita is very small, fits in the palm of your hand; the bosch is clunky but outpowers the makita by a significant margin. (unfortunately, the latter has a lot of kickback when first contacting the work.) however, i putting both of them up for sale because i'm developing "HAVS" (Hand-Arm Vibration Syndrome) from using them, which causes extreme numbness in my hand and thumb and first two fingers.


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                              Originally posted by George
                              I have a variable speed DeWalt ROS. I have really put it through the works the last year and a half and really like it. Very well counterbalanced (in my opinion). Does a great, smooth job. Obviously, when I purchased mine, the Ridgid wasn't out but I still have no desire to switch away from my DeWalt ROS.

                              I like Porter-Cable tools very much. But I decided against the Porter-Cable ROS because it used 5-hole disks and most brands use 8-hole. As a result, at least where I live, 8-hole disks are much easier to find.

                              [ 12-10-2003, 12:41 PM: Message edited by: George ]
                              Love my DeWalt ROS as well...I fact, I used it everyday to sand and strip the finish off my 1956 problem at all.
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                                Originally posted by Changeling
                                Cris, thanks very much for addressing the question I asked. I have decided to get the Ridgid R2600. I like it's design and features not to mention that fantastic "feel". Now all I have to do is find a really good Wet/Dry vac for the dustless hookup I need. I was looking at the Ridgid WD1245 but it received a "Bad review" from a reviewer at Eopinions. I really hate listening to one persons opinion usually, so I am still open to opinions with "Personal Experience".
                                If they gave this thing a bad review they must be smoking something funny.
                                I own the 1245 and it is fantastic. Sucks like a monster and much quieter than the shop vac brand I used to have.
                                Plus you get the three year warranty and the lifetime service warranty.
                                As well it has the blower port, the locking hose (that item alone is fantastic), on board storage, very difficult to tip, blah, blah, blah.

                                Good machine, I only wonder if I should have bought the next size up.