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I think I got a great deal.....

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  • I think I got a great deal.....

    Wanted to share this story and jump into this forum...

    I've been looking to upgrade my old Craftsman tablesaw and have been going round in circles between Delta, Jet, Ridgid, and Powermatic models. The Ridgid always seemed to be a solid choice and reading the posts here made me more confident.. so I had made up my mind to get the 2424....

    Well, I went to my local HD and ask if the 2424 is going on sale any time soon. The guy says "Not really, but I have one someone returned you might want". Turns out someone bought a 2424 (with the dusthood, dado insert, etc.), took it home, put it together, did NOTHING to tune the machine, cut a couple of pieces, and returned it to HD. When I bought it, it was assembled. The fence is out, the wings are not level, the guard is off center, the insert is not flush, etc. etc. etc...

    So bottom line, I bought the saw for $400 with the full warranty (card and manuals all with the machine) and brought it home... I suspect a good tuning will yield me one heck of a bargin! Whoo Hoo !


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    Hey Karma, welcome to RIDGID...oh and Happy Sawing.


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      Sometime we really win,, I think that you got a deal.. I got a deal on my 2412, someone tried to put it together an broke off a small bolt in the motor, I fixed it in about 10 minutes about $125 saved.. GOOD FOR YOU !!


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        Watch for the Depot's upgrade sales. I brought my bench top Craftsman in when I bought my saw and they gave me $50 credit for it. I thought I'd just leave it at the curb. If they would only offer it up for the band saw...