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    Hello all. I am looking for a new circular saw to build picnic tables and home projects. I have pretty much narrowed it down to the Milwakee 6390-21 and the Dewalt DW369csk. Which is the better make or brand in terms of quality, durablity etc. They are both 15Amp. Why are there no RIDGID Circ. Saws?

    Thank you
    Semper Fi

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    We have specifically stayed out of the hand-held power tools due to several factors, one being the number of competitors already in the market.

    As far as specific recommendations for a circ saw, I'll have to defer to some of the other members.



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      Hey, Mac,

      A recent Fine Homebuilding article reviewed circ saws. Not sure about DW 369; they did include the DW 359.

      Lots of good information there.



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        I have the Milwaukee 6390 Tilt-Lok. I *really* like it. It has ample power and I have had no complaints. There are a number of features that I like about it. The tilt locking handle is great.

        It also has a really open "sight window" that allows you to easily see the cut line at the blade no matter what side you may be viewing it from. Better than most circular saws that I've seen.

        I also like the front grip. It is more comfortable and offers (I think) a better hold on the saw than a little knob.

        And hey, a lifetime warranty!

        It sells for about $135 around here at the local Home Depot and Lowes.