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concern over HD commitment

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  • concern over HD commitment

    I'm considering purchasing a TS2424 but I'm concern that Home Depot seems to be pulling away from Ridgid. The stores use to have prominent Ridgid displays of the woodworking tools but now they are shoved back in the corner and no one seems to be interested in them at all.
    What gives? One HD employee speculated that Ridgid was being pulled out of HD. Another said there was a new line of tools and everything was being replaced. Still another said Ridgid itself was going to stop manufacturing the tools.
    Before I invest my hard earned saw money what is the true story ?
    Thanks in advance!
    Rev Ed

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    hum that not good.
    Andy B.


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      I dont know the story on this but I do know the HD's around my house treat all their stand alone tools like they could care less how they are displayed.Pieces & parts missing,boxes of stuff just thrown on them,dust all over the tools.What happened to the HD that hired people who cared about their work and the costumers that went there.They use to be knowledgeable now all you get are idiots that are there just for a paycheck. :-(

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        If a store does not live up to expectations, I make a point to bring that fact to someone's attention. Management if possible and corporate if management doesn't seem to care. The HD stores in my area (three and more on the way) are pretty good about the tool displays, Rigid especially. The store management will not change attitude without a push or two or twenty in the right direction.
        Jake has said on several occasions that Ridgid and HD are not splitting. Emerson (Ridgid woodworking tool manufacturer) is moving their factory. Jake is supposed to get back to us with more information.
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          I just got home from my local home depot...and of course I went to the Ridgid tool display while there. I swear I saw boxes and boxes of Ridgid tools ready to be sold stacked right next to the great display of the drill press, 2424,2412,lathe and RAS...and on the table of each and every tool was a non dusty brand new pamphlet describing that particular tool....and also accessorory pamphlets and even mail in slips to Eidgid for more information....I am in Home Depot at least 3 or 4 times a week and since I am a committed Ridgid man I always go and talk to the guys in the tool section...I find them much more knowledgeable about the individual tools than me, of course that maybe doesnt mean much, but I have to stand up for Home Depot and Ridgid a matter of fact all the trim inside my shop is painted Home Depot orange....and besides that I bought My tools because of Ridgids reputation and lifetime guarantee, not because Home Depot sells it...getting off my soaspbox now but since I saw negative reports on Home Depot I felt it only fair I give a positive report where it was due....


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            I think what you are seeing is the result of there founder retiring, and the new CEO. I worked at home Depot part time for over a year and I couldn't believe the change in staff (big turnover). My understanding is they cut the starting salaries big time and are glad to see higher salary people leave (like myself). The other thing is the staff is made up of 50% part timers (usually school kids). I think there in for a big awaking within the next few years.
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              Big box retailers tend to be masters of sales statistics and management of selling space. I think reality is that the Ridgid tools are probably lower volume than the product that may have taken its front row place. Tool purchases (table saw, drill press, etc.) are generally not impulse items that need front row prominence. I am fine with finding my way to the tool crib and out of traffic flow, my only gripe is that the on-hand inventory position varies greatly from store to store. I have learned to call ahead when I plan to buy, and, on the good side, have four to five stores within convenient distance to pick from.

              All in all, I can't think of a better distribution source for Ridgid.


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                All I can tell you we are still in the power tool business and have no intention of leaving. And yes I will have more info on the plant here soon, so please bear with me.



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                  While there's nothing "official" it's hard to ignore a real change in HD merchandising. Even before Rigid and HD struck their deal, our HD's had many stand-along power tools from Delta, etc. Very prominent displays, etc.

                  Now, still have displays of the table saws, but most other stuff is shoved to the side.

                  No question they're heading in a different direction---newest HD here is like one big home decorating store, each with it's own order/display desk and consultants---also big push here on adding home appliances. Indeed, they seem to have a store layout, where the display desks are "king" and the real merchandise is stuffed in between desks----low priority---Found that sprinkler fittings were located 3 aisles away from sprinkler heads

                  Another thing that cracks me up---from my field (safety/ergonomics). HD was once real big on everyone of their employees wearing back belts. There was even a study they did which supposidly showed how much the belts had reduced injuries (incidently, quite contrary to almost all other studies on back belts). Now, go into a store and it's hard to find an employee in a back belt---incidently, FWIW--belts are almost worthless in preventing injury.

                  It's a new world and a new HD


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                    There was a lumber yard/home improvement store here called Payless Cashways (with other names in other locations). The company just folded after several attempts at reorganization. The biggest problem I could see was the company could not figure out what market niche it wanted to service. So, it services none. The first HD here was designed to service contractors first and home owners/DIYers second. Lowes seems to want the homeowner/light contractor market. (Perfect 2x4 framing lumber does not impress a general contractor) Businesses are founded on a principle; witness Wal-Mart; and when the founder passes, the 'experts' take over. That is when things start sliding.
                    Mac<P>Problems are opportunities in disguise


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                      Now I'm really confused. I asked a question and everyone cut loose on Home Depot. Jake who I will assume works for Emerson/Ridgid said we are still making tools and intend to keep doing so.
                      However no one answered my question. Is Home Depot still committed to this endeavor or not? Without the support of a big store like HD where would you find accessories, parts, and warrantee work. I know I can order the parts but I have found I often need an accessory or a part when waiting for a mail order would be very inconvenient.
                      I'm also amazed that no one said, "go ahead and buy the saw." Apparently everyone is sensing something is changing too. If this changing isn't caused by Home Depot/Ridgid dropping out is it because of a new line of tools are coming out and would I be smart to wait?
                      Rev Ed


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                        I will give you my opinion... Go ahead and buy the saw... It is a great saw for the money. I have had mine since November of last year. It has worked flawlessly ever since day one. As far as parts go or warranty, I would not fret much about it. There are very few components that will deal you a fit. If there is a problem chances are you will find it right away and from what I have read on this site, Rigid stands behind them 110%... I have not read of anyone so far bashing Ridgid or Jake because they were hung out to dry... The saw if setup right and adjusted and tuned properly will last you for many years to come. Setup takes a fare amount of time but tuning everything in is where you must have patients and do a good job. This goes for any table saw you buy... This is the end users job. I run my TS2424 on 220v and absolutely love it. It gets the top waxed about every month or so... She runs like a Swiss watch. The saw runs smooth enough to stand a nickel up on the table through many power ups and downs. Also keep in mind the Ridgid Lifetime Warranty... I haven't seen anyone else offer this... Hope this answers some of your questions. If you have any others, please post them. They will get answered...

                        I would buy this saw again if I had it to do all over...
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                          Also RevEd,
                          Welcome to the forum...
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                            RevEd--sorry you didn't think we answered your question---I think if you read and sum up the posts---the answer is there---there's nothing "official", but we've all seen what you did--

                            Buy the saw---owning a Craftsman, earlier version of this, I second Big Johnson's thumbs up on the 2424---even with less than sterling merchandising support from HD, Rigid isn't going anywhere. When HD dropped their dust collectors---Rigid continued to sell them on their web site. Besides, the 2424, in one design or another, has been around for several decades---I don't think that kind of longeviety dries up overnight.

                            K.L.---you're exactly right about "so-called experts taking over". When Big Sam was around, you could eat off the floor in Walmart and not trip over fallen displays---now it looks like K-Mart. Was just thinking about the friends I had working for Hewlett-Packard---now both Bill and Dave are gone---the company has become everything Bil and Dave fought to avoid----that company never had a layoff in all those years---now the bimbo has the reins (along with her corporate jet and full-time hairdresser) and they're laying people off by the thousands (at Agilent---another big mistake). What was that quote about that "fleeting moment on the stage."??


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                              First of all, welcome to the forum.

                              Second of all, if you listen to the associates at Home Depot, my experience tells me you could very well be misled. (See my earlier post "Disturbing Visit to Home Depot ") I'm not saying they would do this on purpose. My take on it is that a lot of rumors must be circulating around HD and some of the associates don't mind sharing them with customers.

                              Third, IF (big IF) your decision to purchase Ridgid is tied strictly to HD support, you MAY not be happy. It would all depend on the local HD. No one here knows any "official" direction changes being considered by HD (other than what we hear from Ridgid.) HD has been totally nonresponsive to issues I have brought up and addressed directly to them. I have stated before and has others that our decision to purchase Ridgid had everything to do with Ridgid and nothing to do with HD. Ridgid has never being anything but a straight shooter with me and everyone on this forum. When Jake tells us Emerson is commited I trust that. I have had no reason to this point to feel otherwise. I did my homework and choose Ridgid. I think their tools offer the best value for the money overall including their warranty and customer support network, as well as this forum. The tools I used to admire at Sears in years past were built by these same people. Who knows where Ridgid tools will end up being sold. I trust that Ridgid will continue to support their customers. The bottom line is this: I would do it all over again without hesitation and will continue to use and purchase Ridgid tools, where ever they are sold. I truely beleive you will not regret your decision to do so as well. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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