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R4510 and miter gauge that slides on table

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  • R4510 and miter gauge that slides on table

    I just got a new R4510 saw and have a question on the miter gauge that slides in the groove on the table top.

    If the miter gauge's bar is inserted in the table's slot (with the main part of the miter gauge still outside the edge of the table) then as you push the miter gauge foward, it runs smoothly until the main part of the gauge reaches the table edge ... then "catches" a bit, requiring me to rock it a bit (side to side) to allow it to get past whatever is causing the "catch" to occur ... and then once completely on the table surface, naturally it runs smoothly.

    I can't see exactly what's causing the "catch" between the bottom surface of the miter gauge when it starts to engage with the table surface and the manual doesn't suggest there's any kind of adjustment.

    Is this a defect that I need to talk to Ridgid service about or is it something someone might recognize how to easily fix?